*Excited squeal* Omigod, did you know Disney is introducing rose gold T-shirts? Literally, no one cares if everyone’s favorite cartoon brand is capitalizing on the sparkly rose gold Mickey ears that it introduced earlier this year or whatever!

The excitement is for real with these Disney Spirit Jerseys being super on-trend and classy. Pretty with a pop of glitter, this collection is like a magical dream come true.

If you think people were excited about the ASOS x Hello Kitty assortment, then you’d be surprised to know that fans are so much more thrilled about this one! Disney broke the news to its fans via its Instagram account Disney Style. They have been teasing fans for a few days and just yesterday announced that the merch has dropped! This T-shirt would look chic paired with those rose gold ears. *Adds it to the lust-have list*

Disney announced the news on December 9, saying, “ rose gold everything these perfect new spirit jerseys are coming to @disneyland, @waltdisneyworld, and @shopdisneyparks soon!” More on the baby pink-peach side, the business giant took to Instagram again yesterday informing fans, “ they have arrived & we will never get tired of this view 😍✨” with a picture of a Disney rose gold shirt clad girl standing in Disneyland. They also posted the news on their Twitter account.

Disney Spirit Jerseys


Disney related stuff has been quite in vogue lately; think shoes with a Disney-villain-ish twist and Disney inspired engagement rings. There was also a Disney-inspired lingerie collection for the adventurous women out there that took the internet by storm this year. And now these ultra-cool rose gold Disney spirit jerseys that are oh-so-lovely, can’t stop thinking about them! They are minimal with Disney branding and long sleeves.

Not only they do they look snug and comfy in all their oversized glory but there couldn’t have been a better color choice than rose gold. The color of the year, we saw rose gold hair, rose gold gadgets, rose gold accessories and the list goes on and on.

Just in time for Christmas, this must-cop piece will not just be a perfect piece for your own wardrobe but for your BFF’s too. After all, it’s all about #twinning these days. With how adorable these tees are and how fast those Mickey ears sold out, make your move quick. Pretty sure these tees would fly off shelves at super speed.