“Tony wouldn’t have done what he did if he didn’t know you were going to be here after he was gone.”

That’s that Happy told Peter Parker in a Spiderman: Far from Home emotional scene. But what now? Did Mr. Stark’s attempt at readying Parker for replacing him as the lead Avenger go in vain? With the recent Marvel and Sony clash, this definitely seems to be the case.

The future of Spiderman as well as the MCU is now being questioned as both have parted ways because Sony refused to Disney’s demand for a larger share in profits. After the second instalment of Tom Holland’s Spiderman bagged a whole lot of bucks, Disney which was responsible for the creation of Spidey, wanted 50% of the share in profits rather than the 5% that it was initially promised.

In Disney’s defense, it does all the work. Plus, it was the inclusion of Spiderman in the Avengers team up and that of other Marvel characters in the webslinger’s movie that boosted the character. On the other hand, since Sony financed the movies, it got the bigger share. Now with Sony having disagreed to Disney’s request, Parker is on his own. No more Happy or Ironman supporting him. No more Kevin Feige directing the upcoming movies.

Many think that now that the foundation has been set, Spiderman can do well on his own. But is that true? Would his disconnect with the MCU not affect the success of future movies? It probably will. On the other hand, Marvel has also lost a loved character. It would have had no problems adjusting to this change had Ironman, Captain America, and Black Widow not been out of play.

But with key players no more in existence, the MCU needed Spiderman as a savior. Fans are concerned and angered. They lost Ironman but not without a perfect superhero as his successor. Now they have nothing. On a picture Marvel shared on Instagram that invited people to watch the extended cut of Far from Home, the comments’ section is proof that MCU fanatics are concerned.

They are chanting the bring-back-Spiderman anthem in full force using different words. “An MCU without Spidey (or now not even Cap, Tony or Thor) is not a MCU. WTH, Marvel?” reads one comment. A person typed, “Bring Spider-Man Back to the MCU.”

One fan demanded, “You better freaking fix this bull that’s happening right now or I’m quitting the MCU completely. I already lost Iron man and Cap do not even think about letting spiderman slip through your fingers cause of money.” Another threatened, “I’m gonna stop watching your movies if that will really happen, because MCU will be dead already after this!”

People are debating on which company is being greedy – Disney for wanting more after creating such an amazing movie or Sony for not giving a larger share and trying to milk the cash cow on its own. What do you think is going to happen next? Is Spidey going to go solo or will he find his way back to the Avengers?