“To the outside world I am a professor but secretly I think up every possible scenario and plan ahead of Team Flash. I am The Thinker.” Sounds unserious, but The Flash’s latest villain is anything but that. The show’s latest episode had fans glued to their screens and thinking what Barry and his mates could possibly do to outsmart The Thinker.

DeVoe, unlike the previous villains of the show, might be as slow as a snail but his mind runs faster than the Flash, Savitar, Kid Flash, Zoom and all the speedsters combined. In “Therefore I am” The Thinker aka Clifford DeVoe’s backstory is revealed and he is seen not giving a single damn about Barry Allen figuring out his identity.

Since every step taken by the STAR labs team is cleverly planted by this mastermind DeVoe himself, the question arises, how will team Flash be able to defeat this villain? We think the crumbs to the answer have been left in this very episode. Yesterday fans didn’t just learn how DeVoe became The Thinker, but they also learned one more thing; this villain has weaknesses.

Firstly, DeVoe ardently loves his wife so even if he says that he has nothing to fear he does have something to lose and isn’t that the same thing? Secondly, his physical condition is so bad that the guy is highly dependent on his wheelchair. Perhaps if Flash and his friends are able to exploit their biggest enemy’s weaknesses, they can put him behind bars or maybe even in his grave.

In this season Barry does seem to have matured; the guy isn’t just asking questions but trying to solve mysteries himself as well. So maybe he will take the necessary measures to take DeVoe down even if he has to get a bit on the evil side. Team Flash can turn his wife The Mechanic against him or leverage her somehow. They can also deprive The Thinker of his power source. Let’s see what happens.