Something seems to be cooking between Kendall Jenner and her ex, Ben Simmons. Our must we say, recooking. Jenner was dating the NBA player this summer but after their breakup, she seemed to have moved on pretty quick.

To recap, in June she was spotted making out with Bella and Gigi Hadid’s younger brother, Anwar Hadid. But nothing more budded between these two. The following two months she was spotted with Ben Simmons, whom she was seen on dates with before the make-out session with Anwar as well. After her breakup with Simmons in September, Anwar jumped into the picture again.

He and Kendall Jenner were seen sporting matching hickeys during the Paris fashion week. This time too, there seemed to be nothing serious between these two models. Then a few days back we heard that Ben Simmons was trying to woo Kendall again and looks like his tactics worked! Because Page Six and TMZ have reported that Kendall was seen attending Ben Simmons’ game in Philadelphia on Sunday.

A source reported to Page Six, “She [Kendall] was trying to keep a low profile.” She was seen there in a casual outfit along with a friend. Now either she had some business in the area or she flew all the way to see Ben Simmons.

The latter seems to be the case as after the game, they were seen hanging out together too. Was it a date or just a friendly meetup? Again, the latter seems to be the case. Meanwhile another source has told HollywoodLife how ecstatic yet confused Ben Simmons is feeling about his and Kendall’s current situation.

The insider said, “Ben was super psyched when she said yes, and it was like they’d never been apart. They had an amazing night together. Ben is crazy about Kendall, but she doesn’t want to settle down with just one guy right now, and she’s made that clear. So he really doesn’t know where he stands with her.”

Uh, so Kendall wants more men than one? Okay cool, whatever works out best for her. However, if that is not true, we wonder if she brought Anwar Hadid into the picture only to make Ben jealous?