If you’re a passionate follower of Canadian singers Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber’s Instagram accounts then you must have already eyed what happened recently. However, if you haven’t yet noticed, we’re here to give you a scoop on it.

Basically, earlier today Mendes posted a picture of himself on the cover of the Observer Magazine which labeled him “Price of Pop.” This led the Baby singer who has a few more hits than Mendes and is more than a handful of years older than him to drop a playful comment… which people thought indicated JB’s move of trying to take the limelight off Mendes to bring it onto himself.

“Gonna have to break a few more records to dethrone my title there bud,” wrote the 26-year-old. Bieber went on to say, “but if you want we can play hockey for it but I [sic] heard your [sic] a real bender on the ice we could just drop the buckets and tilt for it.”

This, of course, divided fans into two sides. Some supported Mendes’s win while others said that Justin Bieber was way ahead of him when it came to music. The majority started chanting Justin’s name in Shawn’s comments’ section saying that Justin was the “king” of pop and that Shawn couldn’t catch up to his fame.

Let’s all take a pause here and remember than Mendes hasn’t been around for as long as Bieber. Secondly, both of them are dope in their own way. The 20-year-old’s fans also started saying that he was a “better person” than Justin Bieber. “Get off your high horse, Justin. It’s Shawn’s year,” wrote a fan. Some fans were also pissed at Justin Bieber’s little joke.

One person wrote, “@justinbieber man you’re completely jealous of his success, you don’t need to offend him just try to get on his level cuz it seems you can’t.” Another Instagrammer commended, “@justinbieber if this was a joke you could have kept it more personal instead of making it so public.”

However, ever the sweetheart, the Nervous singer was unbothered. His replied to Bieber’s comment saying, “LOL any time any day you just let me know!!!!!!” To all the criticism and the way people started taking sides, Justin responded by writing, “there is no competition and it was a playful joke people relax.”

He further continued, “I’m just a competitive as he is so it was just a little playful jargon.” What do you think this of this little conversation that these two musicians had? Do you think Justin purposefully tried to take away the attention Shawn was getting or was he just making a joke? Tell us in the comments!