You’d have thought male celebrities aren’t body-shamed, but here we are.

People are actually body-shaming Jason Mamoa – yes, that hunk – because they think he’s not fit enough.

The Aquaman actor was chilling with his family in Venice, Italy when paparazzi captured a picture of his shirtless torso. You’d think girls would need to fan their flames of desire when US Weekly posted the shot on Instagram. That happened, but some people also had a rather odd reaction.

People started body-shaming the 39-year-old father. They started wondered out loud where his abs had vanished as if he owed them to the world.

To be really honest, he still looks like a pile of hotness. And his body is definitely not out of shape. Yet, because he doesn’t have the body people want him to, they’re saying that he has a dad bod. Come on, how is such behaviour on part of the commenters not pathetic?

“Omg, what happened to the abs?” wrote one person with a sad-almost-crying emoji. Let’s get practical here for a second – maintaining am ab-sy body is not the first priority of several people. We’re pretty sure Mamoa enjoys a good meal and days off the gym. And we love him all the more for it!

He’s not always filming and being a celebrity doesn’t mean that he has to look smoking hot. Not that he looks any less than that in the picture. Mamoa has not yet said anything about the matter yet. It is unlikely that he even will. Fortunately, several of his fans have come to his defence. And its clear that the females like him either way.

One fan typed, “I just saw that Jason Momoa is being body shamed in a fb post. I couldn’t believe it. So I came here to see it for myself. It’s nice to see women are rightfully drooling over his male perfection. I noticed one comment of a woman with no taste. She dont matter.” Haha, that’s so right!