Hailey Baldwin was not very active on social media until yesterday. Some fans think that Justin Bieber’s wife popped up on Instagram because Selena Gomez is back. They are of the view that Hailey doesn’t want the limelight to be on the Hands To Myself singer which is why she decided to share a picture on her account. And that also, quite a rumor-spinning one.

Baldwin shared a throwback photograph from when she was a little baby. In the pic, she can be seen in the arms of her mum. She captioned it, “hi little me.” Now some fans think that this picture of Hailey Baldwin is an indication that she is pregnant. Considering that’s exactly what fans are hoping for, some people think that Hailey has used a smart tactic here to distract people from Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez has resurfaced after spending almost three months in a rehab facility. During this time, she didn’t post anything to Instagram nor was she captured in any pictures. It wasn’t until earlier this week that Gomez was spotted at several different spots in California. Now there are two questions; are Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez soon going to start a family?

Keep in mind that back last month Hailey had said that she and Bieber were not planning to bring a little munchkin into the world anytime soon. Baldwin had shared in an interview with Vogue Arabia, “I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own. I would say now that’s a closer reality, but definitely not anytime soon.”

Soo, we guess the picture the model shared to her Instagram really meant nothing. It didn’t mean that she was expecting. We’re pretty sure that she was not trying to steal the attention Gomez is getting either because she was simply just doing her thing.