Something is definitely up between Demi Lovato’s relationship with Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, and Nick Jonas. These three people, who have been friends of Demi in the past, have been unfollowed by her on Instagram.

You know how things are with celebs, when the unfollow someone they have been following for a long time it means that their relationship with them has turned sour.

And that exactly seems to be the case here. It all started with the Sorry Not Sorry singer unfollowing Selena first earlier this month. Then she went on and excluded Nick and Iggy from her list as well.

A source has told ET that Demi is doing what she thinks is best for her health right now. She’s eliminating the negativity. To be exact, the insider said, “She [Demi] needs to surround herself with those that support her goals and to stay away from any negativity.”

Ouch! This clearly indicates that Demi does not find these three celeb friends supportive. Moreover, when a fan tweeted about Demi’s inside circle being “rotten” Demi commented, “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She added a second comment that read, “True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD.” Uh, and guess what? Iggy, Nick, and Selena all spoke about Demi’s overdose. Iggy admitted that she had known about Demi’s situation before the world.

Nick had sent out a tweet saying that he was “reeling” over the news and Selena had said that she had personally reached out to Demi. Looks like Demi just wanted them to keep quiet instead of saying anything at all! Then again, she didn’t block Joe or Kevin Jonas. Joe had also tweeted about Demi’s overdose.

However, note that Demi is still following these three stars on Twitter. Perhaps, she’s only unfollowed Selena because Selena had unfollowed her earlier this year.