Surprise, surprise! People think Benedict Cumberbatch might have given away that there’s going to be a season 5 of Sherlock.

The Doctor Strange actor appeared on YouTube’s Buzzfeed Celeb recently and answered questions while playing with puppies. Perhaps the most notable answer he gave was a meaningless sound when questioned about Sherlock season 5.

The 43-year-old was asked what he’d want to happen to his character if there’s a season 5 of Sherlock. In response, he gave no solid answer at all. Does this mean something? Is there a story here? Unlikely.

Fans have been waiting for Sherlock’s fifth season for a while now, but unfortunately there’s no news of a next season. While the first three seasons of the BBC show were massive hits, not many were impressed with the last season. Why? Because it was sort of confusing with previous cases of the investigator mingling in.

The fourth season could easily serve as a finale without any need for a next one. However, diehard fans still hope. “DID HE SERIOUSLY JUST SKIP THE QUESTION ABOUT SHERLOCK SEASON 5 I’M-,” commented a person under the Buzzfeed video. A suspicious fan replied to this comment, “Maybe he was being careful not to spill anything. Hmmmm. Sketchy.”

Another YouTuber user also noted how he avoided the question, “WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIS AVOIDANCE OF SHERLOCK QUESTIONS?” But while some became hopeful that he was hiding good news, others came to a different conclusion.

“He reaaaaaaally doesn’t want anything to do with Sherlock. Noted, Ben,” read a comment. Another echoed, “it was a different kind of hurt when he threw away the ‘what would you want to happen to your character in sherlocks season 5.’”

No solid news confirming the next season has come out. At least not yet. The previous season came out in 2017, but at that time it was speculated that there wouldn’t be a season 5 until 2020 or after. That’s because BBC wanted attention to go to others shows of its, rather than have all the limelight on Sherlock.

What do you think is the case? Did Benedict avoid the Sherlock question because of disinterest or because he was keeping his lips knit for now? There’s little chance that he meant anything at all. And for all those who studied his no-response response, don’t hope too much for a season 5 to come soon.

You see, the possibility of Sherlock returning to screens anytime soon is very little because the two main characters, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, don’t seem to have any space in schedules. Therefore, even if a Sherlock 5 does happen, the shooting can only start after 2021 or 2022.

As for the other questions Benedict answered, the star managed to stretch smiles across fans’ faces as he adorably played with the pups that kept trying to eat his unopened questions. And as for playing with puppies while answering questions, fans want to direly see two more Marvel stars do this – Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston!