Looks like Anwar Hadid is not taking well to Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner’s reconciliation. Don’t trust us? Just take a look at his Instagram stories. The 19-year-old has shared some words of heartbreak that reveal what he is feeling right now.

Perhaps, he has also heard about Kendall Jenner’s date with Ben Simmons recently. Of the two messages, one reads, “I wonder if I could be loved as deeply as I love.” We cannot help but think that his thoughts – and feelings – are directed at Kendall!

Beside this message, he has posted a picture of his inked hands. Written clearly on his wrist is “Why are you still in my mind?” This explains that he is going through a rough patch in his life at the moment. Can it just be a coincidence, though?

Jenner and Hadid have been seen together twice this year, both times they have been entangled in passionate kisses. The models were first sighted together in June and then later after Jenner broke with her NBA player boyfriend in September.

For those of you who are unaware, Kendall and Ben have now reunited. We don’t know if they have resumed dating or if they were just hanging out together as friends. How did this happen, you ask? It appears that Kendall flew all the way to Philadelphia for attending Ben Simmons’ game.

Later, they were also seen getting into a vehicle together. Is this latest development in Kendall’s love life bothering Anwar Hadid? We hope not! We also hope that even if Anwar is heartbroken, the current situation between him and Kendall Jenner is not able to cause problems between Kendall and Anwar’s sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

After all, his sisters were aware of his fling with their friend all along and even supported it.