Have you ever seen something so spooky that you want to avoid it at all costs, but you just cannot? Because every corner you turn on the internet, it’s there. Your friends insist that this “thing” that you find horrifying is actually “a work of art” and “stunning.” You think it is stunning too but not quite like they do. You know now every time you lay in bed, alone in the dark at midnight all you would be thinking about would be that nightmarish image running in circles in your mind.

Terrible, eh? Presenting the latest trend, that crosses the fine line between makeup that can slay and makeup that can slay. It’s called the Eyeball Lip Art and it’s gone viral on Instagram. While many people think that this surreal lip art is an example of overflowing creativity, here I sit wondering how I can un-see what I have seen. The lip-eye is literally everywhere on the internet and it will stare you in your eyes.

Sure, some makeup artists have done justice to the makeup but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to look at. You know that moment when an actor who is playing the villain acts so well, so amazingly convincing that you actually start despising him? Yup, this is something like that. This trend is about a third eye painted where your mouth should be. A weird, huge, dissected eye with teeth.

This is how it started: A makeup artist and blogger, Diana Moisa, based in Copenhagen who is also a MAC Resident Trainer birthed this look back in July, according to Bustle. Diana wanted to recreate popular Youtuber Jenna Marbles’ face painting of a third-eye drawn across her lips. The makeup lover couldn’t face paint using paints and paint-brushes, so she did what she does best.

She tossed all her makeup essentials onto the table and got to work. And thus, came to life the most eye-catching, creepy to some, beautiful to others, inventive nonetheless look; the eyeball lip. The lip-eye looks pretty real with its immaculate shades. Her creation is detailed with long eyelashes and a touch of eyeliner too.

Of course, she used all MAC products. Her picture’s caption on Instagram read, “Fourth eye 👁 My first attempt – This was actually inspired by @jennamarbles face painting video 🖤 I know many have done these lips before but I wanted to give it a go too! Using all @maccosmetics Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, White Chromacake, Liners and Lashes.”

Bustle also reported that in a chat with Diana, she said, “I really just made a big mess on my table and used everything I thought would give me the effect I wanted.” This lead scores of other beauty fanatics (bloggers and Instagrammers) to appreciate and spread the look. They did their own versions of this trend. One Instagram user, @btthl_lip, used Too Faced products for her makeup art and completed her lip-eye with a perfect winged eyeliner.



Another Instagrammer, @porcelainette, posted a shot of her lip-eye version with a bloody tear running down to her chin. Makeup artists on YouTube have also embraced this trend and gave step-by-step tutorials on how the look can be achieved for Halloween. Now that Halloween is over, this makeup art is just for fun. Imagine yourself sitting opposite to someone who has this makeup painted on and discussing “life” profoundly with them. Where do you look? At the eyes or at The Eye?