Every other day, since the death of Sushant Singh Rajpoot, one gets to know about new and amazing things about him. It started with a list of 50 dreams made by Sushant going viral and reached to his efforts of developing a mobile app coming in the news.

YES, you read that right. Sushant was trying to develop  mobile app, which has recently been revealed by an entrepreneur, based in Denmark.

Arian Romal, also a singer, has come forward with a revelation that Sushant was actually developing a mobile app and was extremely passionate about it.

Based on Artificial intelligence, this application would aid the poor.

Alongside this, according to him, there is not a slightest chance that Sushant could be a drug addict or someone who would take his own life because of a bipolar disorder.

Apart from developing this app, other amazing things that he was doing include:


Was Mastering The Knowledge Of Astrophysics:

Now we do not expect an actor to have any slightest interest in Astrophysics, do we?

Contrary to the vile lives that the actor live, Sushant actually had a keen interest in Astrophysics and would read a plethora of books on the subjects.

On the daily basis, he would extract information out regarding the subject and would find more of it the next day.

Was Learning Computer Gaming Language During Lock-down:

Sushant died during the times of Corona when everyone was practically wasting the time by doing nothing due to the lock-down.

BUT, he decided to make good use of this time and started learning computer gaming language.

Was A member Of The International Lunar Land Registry:

To further his interest in Astrophysics, Sushant got himself registered  with the International Lunar Land Registry.

His plans of visiting the International Space University, however, couldnt be succeeded owing to his unfortunate death.

Owned A Boeing 737 Simulator:

Sushant is considered as one of the few people around the World who actually own a own a Boeing 737 Simulator. This simulator is used to train pilots to handle all kinds of Boeing models.

Irrespective of the fact that his death has been turned into a national joke by making it a thing of conspiracy theories and drug mafia, his love for doing extra-ordinary things should always be hailed by the fans.

The passion of life that he had in his is something that we all must develop.