Are you feeling left out that all your friends are going to various places to enjoy their winter break, while you are too poor to join them?

Are you sick of the fact that for the whole of 2020, you had to stay at home due to pandemic and now that you can finally go out, you don’t have enough money for that.

Don’t worry.

We have compiled a list of the cheapest winter destination that you can visit this Winter season, even if you are really low on the budget.

1. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley in California is one of the most sought after places for tourists who are tight on the budget. As visiting it comes light to the pocket, it is easier for almost everyone to reach there.

If you are a wine lover, you would love to go there as it is a place where grapes are cultivated and there are a number of wine fields over there.

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2. French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a place that you can visit around the year. However, now that you are looking for an affordable place to go to, you can choose it quite easily.

Accommodation in Polynesia is quite cheap, and so are the flight tickets to it.

French Polynesia travel | Australia & Pacific - Lonely Planet

3. Bermuda

People who love water prefer going to places that show them a lot of water.

And, Bermuda is one of them!

Located at the Caribbean, it offers a lot of activities to be performed by the visitors including sightseeing and golfing.

Also, the residential hotels keep coming with a lot of off-season deals and you can take good advantage of that.

Bermuda touted as long-haul air bridge: here's what a visit to the island  will look like

4. Montana

Filled with a lot of parts and amusement sites, Montana is also one of the most sought after places for the tourists.

However, during the Winter season, as the visitors are quite less in number, the prices of accommodation, flight fares and other charges reduce a lot. Though some places are closed in the Winter season, others will welcome you warmly.

Montana | Capital, Population, Climate, Map, & Facts | Britannica

5. Greece

Want to save money, yet visit a happening place? Its time to choose Greece for that.

As there are very few people visiting it during the Winter season, you can surely take advantage of this opportunity and book your low-cost flight.

Greece - United States Department of State