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Design, price, release date … everything we know about the Google Connected watch

After being satisfied with designing the OS for the attached watches, Google should soon launch its first smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. Before we get started, let’s know about Google’s first attached watch.

Google Pixel Watch

La Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser & Renderspian

In 2014, Google introduced the root of Android – which became the root OS – an operating system for equipping its partners’ connected watches. However, unlike the smartphones that the company did not hesitate to introduce on its own specifications, the Nexus and Pixel, Google has so far refused to design its own integrated watch.

The Google Pixel Watch finally appears to be scheduled for the next few months. Many leaks claim that the watch, designed directly by Google, highlights its own ecosystem. I have to say that Google has been playing a key role in the watch industry in recent months. Not only has it partnered with Samsung to integrate Wear OS and Tizen It has also acquired Google, the world’s leading smartwatch maker. : Fitbit.

Originally made by Google Connected Clock, it must have been designed in collaboration with the Fitbit team. Known by the code name “Rohan”However, it is actually a watch launched under the Google Pixel brand and is compatible with the manufacturer’s OS: Wear OS.

Google Pixel Watch Design

Rumors about the Pixel watch have been circulating for years. Things accelerated last April. Liquor announces John Prosser has got his hands on it “Tons of photos” Also known as the pixel watch and is already known as the Connected Clock designed by Google. In order to protect the source who sent these pictures to him, the leaker did 3D rendering to find the design of the watch.

These 3D renderings have already made it possible to extend the clock, especially with thin screen borders, within the confines of the case. The watch provided will also have a proprietary strap system similar to what Apple offers with its Apple Watch.

In addition, like the Apple Watch, the Google Pixel Watch has a button on the right side and acts as a rotating crown.

If the rumors had died down in the summer, December would have been ideal for revelations again. On the site Business Insider went there with their announcements Retrieved by current and former Google employees: “Unlike the Apple Watch, Google’s smartwatch is round and has no artistic rendering-based physical edges derived from the insider and the staff who saw it. Like the Apple device, it measures health and performance data.”. The US site did not provide new information later, but the release confirmed John Froser’s previous leaks.

In the process, Joan Processor went even further, in a YouTube video, Many pictures of pixel clock. Shown to be from the company’s internal documents, these images appear to be used for communication around the pixel watch. What would suggest that its release is particularly close.

Importantly, the pictures show a clock with a rendering-like design shown in early April. We can also see a clock with a very large screen. The glass not only goes up to the edges of the clock, but the curved slab. We can feel at least four colors of the bracelet: black, cream, yellow or orange.

Google Pixel Watch hardware and health sensors

At the moment, information about the activities offered by the Google Pixel Watch is still very thin. Business Insider noted that the watch in early December “Has heart rate monitor and provides basic health monitoring features such as step count”. These are the traditional functions for a clock or attached bracelet by 2021, and it is not yet clear whether the pixel watch will allow oxygen concentration (SpO2) to be measured in the blood or allow electrocardiograms (ECG) to do so. Measure the voltage, the expected measurement on the next generation Apple Watch and already available Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 And See also 4 Classics.

The Exynos W920 SoC features the Galaxy Watch 4

Exynos W920 SoC compatible with Galaxy Watch 4 // Source: Samsung

According to Samsung, the Korean manufacturer will not be far off from this Google Pixel watch. Until now, Qualcomm’s main processor supplier – if not – for the lower clocks Wear OS 3, Google would have decided to turn to Samsung to design the chip for its attached watch. Last May, Liquor Max Weinbach already pointed out Samsung has provided Google with SoC engraved at 5 nm To operate his attached clock. An information Confirmed by 9to5Google at the end of December. According to the special site, many elements in the source code of the Wear OS bring together the code name of the watch, “Rohan”, To the extent of the Samsung Exynos chip. “We still don’t know if this will be the same chip as the Galaxy Watch 4Exynos W920, However softens the special site. This partnership between Google and Samsung in the two manufacturers’ merger around Wear OS 3 is not surprising. In addition, the Tension chip for Google’s SoC smartphones was designed by Samsung.

Despite this Samsung processor, apparently engraved at 5 nm, however, the watch does not offer revolutionary autonomy. According to Business Insider, the watch will run for a maximum of one day and will require a daily charge. “An employee who checked the clock indicated that the charge was slow”, Also refers to the Business Insider. Wear OS 3 is a resource-intensive system, and manufacturers say it is difficult to provide watches with more than two days of autonomy.

Google Pixel Watch software and watch faces

Currently, there are a few more watches on the market to take advantage of the latest version of Google System, Wear OS 3. Only the latest watches from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic are fitted. However, the Korean manufacturer has added its own software interface called a UI watch. However, one Reddit user posted various pictures Clean interface of Wear OS 3. One way to find out the possible menus of the Pixel Watch is without Samsung own touch on its own attached watches. We can find a beautiful space especially for the gradients and menus provided in the oval lines. In addition, it seems that you can choose the accent color of the menus according to the color of the dial, just like in Android 12.

In December, 9to5Google was able to obtain the Wear OS source code available on the emulator. Different dials are available on Wear OS 3 . These watch faces are not on the One UI watch and must be integrated with the Google Pixel Watch. Information confirmed by John Prosser last April based precisely on these dials to create 3D renders of the watch.

Often, the faces of Google Pixel watches add pride to the black background. As with Android 12, we’ll find pastel color gradients to suit your style. Some dials specifically highlight the hands, while others provide more issues such as the number of steps, heart rate, weather, date or number of floors to climb. One of them also features the Fitbit logo, which suggests that the new Google subsidiary could offer exclusive functions to the Pixel Watch.

The new Google Assistant will be offered on the Pixel Watch

New Google Assistant provided by Pixel Watch //: 9to5Google

In addition to the dials, the Google Pixel Watch can also take advantage of some unique functions. By digging into the source code of many Google applications, the 9to5Google site discovered that the Pixel Watch, codenamed Rohan, should benefit from the latest generation of Google Assistant voice assistant. Clearly, just like smartphones, the assistant can be woken up by voice from any use of the clock. It can be used to initiate certain actions in third party applications and to operate without an internet connection thanks to the local administration.

Google Pixel Watch price and release date

Last April, John Prosser was particularly optimistic about Google’s marketing plans, realizing an announcement in October 2021, at the same time. Pixel6And Pixel 6 Pro. In the end, it did not happen, and by the end of 2021, it was clear that the Google Pixel Watch was still a long way off.

While the Business Insider site is limited to a simple release forecast for next year, in early December John Prosser put a part back into the rumor mill. He noted that the Google Pixel Watch will be announced in the first quarter of 2022. However, the environment is more complicated for manufacturers, especially due to the lack of semiconductors. Google may have decided to postpone the announcement of its watch, and this postponement will be updated early next year.

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