Quarantining has got everyone cooking food items that they have found from Youtube. Most of the young girls and boys are hooked to their YouTube, where they find cool recipes and try them out. In the time of pandemic, this is quite a constructive and productive thing that people are doing. However, most of the dishes made by them youngsters are continental. They find the most contemporary dishes, and try them out.

Nonetheless,  all the desi people really look forward to making the best Desi food items available. Finding their recipes is a bit tough. Some of the best desi food items that you can try during the quarantine period are as follows:

a) Lemon Rice:

Lemon Rice is one of the easiest desi food items that you can make. Even if you have never made anything from scratch, you can prepare this one quite easily. All you need to do is to wash the rice a few times, and boil it. After stirring it, you need to put in some salt, lemon juice and oil to it. Keep cooking it for some time on low head, add some nuts and fry them with the rice. Once they are fully fried, put in some red chillies , mustard, ginger and curry leaves. After that, you need to add t table spoons of water, and mix the rice together quite well. Let it cook for thirty minuets and your lemon rice is ready!

b) Potato Fry:

Potato Fry is yet another extremely easy desi dish, which you can make in mere twenty minuets. You need to start will heating oil on a pan, and sizzling cumin seeds on it. Once they are fully cooked, add well sliced potatoes and let them fry for a while. Once they turn golden, add some salt, turmeric and garlic paste to it. Now, add a tablespoon of water to it and let the potatoes cook for a while. Within ten minuets, the Potato Fry will be prepared.

c) Chicken Tikka:

The name, Chicken Tikka, seems a bit tricky, but the recipe is really easy. All you would need is thirty minuets, and you will be able to make an amazing desi dish from scratch. Start off by heating some oil in a pan, and put some chopped onions in it. Let it fry till golden brown, and add some garlic and ginger paste to it. Once they are well fried, put in some chili power and coriander. Keep mixing the chicken and cover it completely with all the spices. Now, add some tomatoes to it, and let it thicken for some while. Once all the ingredients are well mixed into one another, sprinkle some tikka masala to it and you are good to go.