Alcohol dependence is a menace and it is known to not only take a toll on your life, but also the lives of your near and dear ones. Experts warn that some people may underestimate how much they can actually handle and may not realise they have reached a toxic stage.

Heavy drinking causes a number of health issues including depression, liver damage, obesity as well as social issues such as broken families and relationships and so much more.

Many of us believe we can handle that one extra drink. But can we really? The Royal College of Psychiatrists has listed the signs to show if your drinking has reached an alarming level. You could be alcohol dependent if

  • You consume alcohol to gain confidence and as a coping mechanism;
  • It starts to affect your relationships;
  • You spend more time drinking as compared to other things;
  • Drinking too much is starting to bleed in your work;
  • You’re secretive about how much you drink;
  • You keep drinking even if it may make you feel horrible, suicidal or bitter;
  • You need to drink to feel good;
  • After a night of drinking, you wake up anxious and your body trembles;
  • You can’t remember certain times because you had a black out;
  • You begin drinking earlier in the day that usual