The cold blooded murder of George Floyd led to mass protest all across the United States of America. All the fifty states of America have seen people coming out in masses and protesting against the murder of Floyd. The situation got so bad that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, had to deploy the National Guards Army to deal with all those coming out in the streets. It has been for the first time in 150 years that the country had to see an Army deployed against its general public.


However , its not only the United States of America that is witnessing these protests. All across the World, people have taken to the social media to show their disappointment over the issue. At the same time, a lot of people have come out in the streets in various countries as well. In Britain, Birmingham saw thousands of people coming out at the Centenary Square and get their protests noticed. There were more than two thousand people who took placards in their hands and showed their rage over the killing of a black in the United States.

The knee gesture:

One thing that made this protest distinct is that the protesters demonstrated their rage simply by sitting on their knees and chanting against the murder. This gesture was made in a commemoration of George Floyd, who had died when an office took him under his knee and killed him. This happened on 25th of May, which led to a lot of protests and demonstrations globally.

Peaceful Protests

These protests remained extremely peaceful. This also occurred because the Birmingham City Council has requested the protesters to stay two meters apart from the city center. The City Center is the main place where the Black Lives Matter demonstrations actually take place. The information of these protests were made widespread through the Twitter users. A lot of twitter users made the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter viral, which further gave away more information regarding the protests in Birmingham City.

Chief Constable’s POV:

In order to keep the protests peaceful, the city police played a great role. Matt Ward, the Chief Constable said that they would give a way to the protesters if they remain peaceful and follow the rules. He further said that people have a right to talk about things that matter to them, only if that is done in an harmful manner. He also urged the people to maintain social distance, so that the Corona virus does not spread to cause further issues.