Has it ever happened to you that the person you considered to be the most sorted, sophisticated and decent turns out to be an exact opposite of this image?


The same thing happened with millions of fans of Deepika Padukon across the globe. The actress who is considered to be one of the finest actresses of Bollywood also has a certain way of representing herself in the public. She is extremely image-conscious and makes sure to appear prim and proper whenever she is out in the public. Her mannerism, etiquettes and peculiarity is something her fans have always admired.


However, the recent WhatsApp chat of the actress with a drug supplied has caused a lot of ruckus. People are finding it difficult to believe that someone so image-conscious could turn into a drug addict.


In her chat with the supplier Kwan, she asks ‘Maal Hai Kya’, and this has been trending on Twitter for many hours.


Her fans, admirers, haters and trollers are saying some of the most hilarious, yet accurate, things on Twitter. Let’s check out a few of them.

This dialogue didn’t age well though



Remember this song??

Kadak maal for sure

Kynk yeh jawani hai deewani 😛


Well, She sure has a point


How can we not mention RANBIR after mentioning RANVEER?