Every once in a while, it is absolutely important to condition your hair. It makes your hair shiny, soft, and smooth. Moreover, it locks the moisture in your hair that is otherwise sucked dry with the consistent use of styling tools. Using a condition always gives a shiny look to your hair. Most conditioners also make your hair more manageable by calming the frizz that ruins the picture perfect look of your hair.

Deep conditioning with natural ingredients can also help repair the damage done to your hair by nourishing the scalp and your follicles. Here is a look at some homemade deep conditioning masks for your hair:

1. Banana and olive oil conditioner

When eaten solo, bananas are credited for boosting your stamina and energy levels. They are considered equivalents to energy drinks. The benefits of bananas, however, extend to include advantages for your hair.

To prepare a banana-based conditioner, mix a banana with a tablespoon of olive oil. Mash the duo properly until a pureed smooth paste is formed, which does not contain any banana chunks. Apply this smoothie-like paste on your hair and scalp. Massage the mixture and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash it off and shampoo your hair as usual. This hair mask helps to add luster and smoothness to dry, dull, and frizzy hair.

2. Honey and pumpkin hair mask

Pumpkin boosts several incredible benefits. It boasts a high content of vitamin A and C, potassium, beta-carotene, and zinc. Honey on the other hand, is a natural humectant that retains the moisture in your hair.

For this DIY hair mask, add 1-3 tablespoons of honey to a cup of pumpkin puree. Apply this mix on your hair and scalp. Next, wrap your hair with a shower cap to hold the mask in place. Let it sit for roughly 15 minutes. Rinse afterward. You can also apply this concoction to your face. This one is also a good mask for getting rid of dry, damaged, and frizzy hair.

3. Egg and vegetable oil treatment

Eggs are rich sources of protein so they help nourish your hair and restore their health. Eggs are also commended for their work as best moisturizes. You will need 2 eggs yolks, 1/8 cup of water, and 2 teaspoons of a vegetable oil. You can also use olive oil as an alternative to vegetable oil if it is not available.

Also, you may double or half the ingredient composition as per the length of your hair. Mix these ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and apply on your hair after shampooing. Leave the mix in your hair for a minimum of 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. This mask is amazing for combatting hair damage.

4. Avocado and banana conditioner

For this DIY conditioner, you will need avocado, honey, eggs, banana and extra virgin olive oil. To begin preparing, take an avocado, peel and cut in half. You can also use a full avocado if you have long hair. Smash the avocado into a paste.

Next, add half the banana and 2 tablespoon of olive oil to it. Mix these two with the avocado paste. Next, take an egg and mix with the concoction in a blender to get a soft texture. Don’t apply this conditioner to your scalp. Instead, part your hair into sections and apply the mix from top down. Concentrate on the tips as hair tend to be more damaged there. Leave the paste in your hair for 10 minutes and wash it off to get shiny hair.

All the ingredients in this hair mask show their own advantage. Avocado encourages hair growth while conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Banana nourishes your hair and protects it from getting frizzy. Olive oil makes hair shinier and healthier. Lastly, honey adds sheen to your hair.

5. Mayonnaise mask

Mayonnaise mask is helpful for distressed hair. The chief ingredients in mayonnaise are vinegar, eggs, and oil. Each of the components provides a separate benefit. Vinegar adds to the shine, eggs nourish the hair, and oil protects and moisturizes.

All you will need is half a cup of mayonnaise for this mask. Apply mayo to your dry hair. If you have oily hair, avoid applying mayonnaise to your scalp. Massage the cream in your hair thoroughly, then cover your hair with a plastic wrap or shower cap. For the sake of deeper penetration, cover your hair with a hot towel. Let this stay in your hair for 15 minutes, then shampoo.

6. Cocoa color hair treatment

Cocoa powder gives a color boost to your hair. A combination of plain yogurt, apple cider vinegar, cocoa powder, and honey are needed for this color enhancing hair conditioner. The mask provides a rich, brown shade.

In addition to cocoa that lends color to your hair as part of this treatment, the other ingredients reap other benefits. Honey moisturizes your hair, whereas, the other ingredients nourish your hair.

7. Yogurt hair mask

Yogurt is a great conditioner for damaged hair. You can reap maximum benefits by pairing yogurt with egg white. You only need yogurt and egg for this hair pack. Beat an egg white until its smooth and add 5-6 tablespoon of yogurt to it. Mix and blend again.

As goes the drill, massage the mix into hair and cover with a shower cap. Leave this conditioner in your hair for 15-30 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

8. Chamomile and lemon hair pack

You can use this conditioning mask for warming blonde hair, as both the ingredients are whitening agents. You can simply rinse your hair with chamomile tea by tilting your head over the sink. You can also pour a cup of cooled chamomile tea with lemon juice over wet and clean hair.

Let it sink in for a few minutes and then rinse. You can also try this mix with grated potato added to it. Then, shampoo and blow dry your hair.

9. Aspirin treatment for frizzy hair

You can get dull hair due to residue buildup in your hair. Aspirin is a champion in the beauty department. It can help you get rid of acne as well as frizzy hair. Crush an aspirin and add the powder to a small amount of your shampoo. Lather up to see beautiful results.

Essentially the salicylic acid in aspirin helps remove buildup and restores shine. You can try this DIY treatment every two weeks or once in a fortnight. You may also combine baking soda with your shampoo. Massage this into your hair. Refrain from adding baking soda to your shampoo if you have just recently colored your hair, as it can strip out the color from your hair.

10. Banana hair mask

A banana hair mask repairs your hair and is great for damaged hair. You will need 5 tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of milk, 1 banana, and an egg.

Mix all these ingredients into a smooth paste. Apply it to your hair and leave for 15-30 minutes. Then wash it off for smooth hair.

Final words


All these are deep conditioning natural DIY hair masks that help to nourish your hair. You can try any of these depending on the end result that you want to see.