‘Wow, you got a job? That’s amazing’

‘How much does it pay per month?

Isn’t this question annoying to the core?

For me, the people who keep asking others about their salaries are extremely dumb and obnoxious. I mean, come on! There are certain things that are supposed to stay private. No?

People Who Ask This Question:

What I have realized over the last few years is that the people who actually end up asking this question are the neighbours.

Mostly, the older men and women who have nothing to accomplish anymore and make sure to keep an eye on all the activities that the youngsters perform. It is their hobby to stay up to date about everything happening around them.

My neighbourhood aunty once, in an elevator full of other ladies, didn’t shy away from asking me how much is my pay and what I do to afford to live in such a luxury apartment.

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The conversation starters:

The conversation with these random strangers who are too curious about your earning capabilities usually starts with a simple hello and a few innocent questions.

They will ask you with whom you were spotted last night coming out from the uber, to how much time do you spend at your workplace.

slowly and gradually, the conversation will move towards your workload, and eventually, the other person would bombard the question you have always hated to answer: ‘What is your pay scale?’


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The ideal answers:

Well, there are a lot of ways in which you can answer this question.

If you are a blunt person, you can simply say, ”Well, this is none of your business”.

And trust me, it will get you a bad stare and the worse reputation, but no one would ever dare to ask you this question again.

Especially in your neighbourhood.

However, like me, if you are also a submissive person who doesn’t want to earn a bad repute in the society you earn and still don’t want to reveal, just say ‘Enough to get me through the monthly expenses’.

BUT, make sure that you have a charming smile on that face so that the other person doesn’t really insist you into answering the question again!

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