Are you a fan of dark chocolate? If yes, then you must have heard about the many health benefits that accompany it. However, you still might be in the dark about the negative side effects of dark chocolates. To expose you to the truth, here are 5 demerits of consuming dark chocolate:

1 – It contributes to weight gain

It’s no secret that while dark chocolate is a haven of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, it also packed with calories. The more the calories you consume, the closer you come to more and more weight gain. To gain the health benefits provided by dark chocolate, you don’t need to eat too much of it. A bar or two can suffice. However, spending your entire day munching on dark chocolate obviously is not a good idea.

2 – It shoos away sleep

Who wants to be sleep-deprived? No one. And who wants more dark chocolate? Everyone. Unfortunately, both of these don’t go hand in hand. That is because dark chocolate contains caffeine, about 135 mg of it per ounce. This caffeine can mess with your sleep quality. Of course, the results would be like when you take lots of coffee and regret it because excess caffeine content is a no-no for your health.

3 – It can give you a migraine

Is it not ironic that we crave chocolate the most when we are feeling stressed out, but dark chocolate can only worsen your condition in a way by giving you a severe headache? Before you go and get worried, wait. Some people think that this is not true as dark chocolate intake has not interfered with their health and triggered migraines. However, you may want to reduce your dark chocolate intake by a bit if you want to keep migraine attacks at bay.

4 – It can be housing toxins

This is a bad one – dark chocolate contains mycotoxins which are mold-produced toxins. However, nothing to fret over here either. That’s because the level of mycotoxins present in dark chocolate is typically too low to be unsafe. Most people do not experience any negative side effects. However, those who are sensitive might struggle with some adverse impacts. If you belong to the latter scenario, reduce your dark chocolate intake.

5 – It can up your risks of kidney stones

Clearly this snack is not all about health benefits. It does come along with a handful of downsides too. Dark chocolate contains oxalates. This, in turn, can raise urinary oxalate excretion which can up your risks of developing kidney stones. Those who have dealt with this issue in the past or already are at the risk of kidney stone formation, must lower their intake of dark chocolate and other foods that are abundant sources of oxalates.


For most people dark chocolate is safe and healthy. However, dark chocolate side effects do exist. Dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation, particularly by those people who are prone to getting migraines.

If you don’t want to put on weight, you should avoid consuming more dark chocolate than recommended. If you are already at the risk of developing kidney stones, limit dark chocolate intake. Moreover, also eat dark chocolate in less quantities if you don’t want to ruin your sleep or are sensitive to mycotoxins.