Fans were super excited for The Originals to come back to their screens and now that it is back, they’re even more thrilled each week! The show that is here for its final season has fans gripped, the first episode being fulfilling and just plain incredible.

Danielle Rose Russell who stars as Hope Mikaelson might not have been a very big favorite of fans when it was first announced that she was taking up the role, but in just a single episode, she’s convinced everyone!

Not only is it that her acting skills are commendable, but she also has a certain Klaus and Hayley vibe about her – in her getup and in her portrayed personality. In the first episode we saw that Hope was not on really great terms with her dad, and it was obvious why.

In a latest interview with EW, Danielle talked about this father-daughter emotional tension, saying, “They really begin to navigate their new relationship for the first time in a very long time, and it’s really emotional to do that.”

The show still has many episodes to go before it meets its end, but we’re holding on tight to the expectation that there might as well be a Hope-centric spin-off. In another latest interview with Teen Vogue, Danielle Rose Russell was questioned about this, but she said that she only knows as much as the audience does.

About the chance to play Hope for longer, she said, “I’d love to play this character for a long time. I really fell in love with her. We really found our footing together, so, I’m hopeful. Pun intended.” Hope is the first tribid on the show and we’d definitely want to see more of her story. Here’s to hoping (oops, again) we do get another spin-off, because really, we’re not ready to part with this world, not yet.