With skincare comes the urge to keep everything natural, the ingredients as well as the look. However, more often than not, we are all carried away by the beauty of the glitzy makeup items and the skincare products that make tall claims.

Though we are all aware that the fact of the matter is that natural translates into safe and healthy yet we do little to acknowledge it. Perhaps there is one person who does fully understand the need and has embarked on a journey to make and provide cruelty-free, all-natural skincare products that are made using only the most natural ingredients that are traceable.

This young entrepreneur is none other than Danielle Bahi, the face behind Bahi Cosmetics who is inspired by her grandmother and glued her advice into her life’s motto: “if you can’t pronounce the ingredient or purchase it in a normal store, it shouldn’t be on your skin.”

In July, the Essence magazine told us to watch out for Bahi’s brand. It’s much the talk of the town with its unique message of cosmetics for women of all complexions and only sells products made of good ingredients. Some of these ingredients include almond, sunflower, hazelnut, and olive oils that make her beauty soap bars. She also sells lashes that are made of a synthetic blend.

Born on the Ivory Coast of Africa and migrated to the US at 7 years of age, Danielle innovated Bahi Cosmetics in her college dorm room about two years ago when she was 21. Three things are synonymous with her cosmetics company: cruelty-free, organic, and vegan. She sources her ingredients from the farmers’ markets.

On top of this, Bahi plans out Greyscale events in the country that she explains are an assemblage of artists of all kinds to share and bake ideas together. Bahi gives a picture of these happening events as “I love meeting other artists and creatives who are as passionate about their work as I am. Hearing them share their knowledge about their craft inspires me to perfect mine. Greyscale was created to bring together all forms of artists and showcase talent. I wanted to create union through these shows. It was my hope that by bringing a variety of people together that they would feel a deeper love and connection for others through their art. Our latest Greyscale event was held in Atlanta, where we sold paintings, had a live DJ and allowed artists to perform and simply connect with others in the crowd. Seeing each of them mingling, bonding and meeting some of the people they speak to on social media was great. We hope to continue this and over time take on larger and larger cities and grow together with our customers across the world.”

The business was started as Bahi was exhausted of watching beauty brands sideline Black women to a single category. Realizing that it was high time there should be a cosmetics line that is inclusive in nature, she ended up making one.

The target audience of Bahi’s brand mirrors this ideology too. When asked about her target audience, Bahi said, “We don’t have a target market — which is part of the beauty of our company. We believe everyone should be able to use the products and feel comfortable using them. I want to empower others across the world to have more confidence in their skin.”

Furthermore, Bahi tells about her how she sees dedication as the seed that planted her business. She shared, “I just believed in my business and projected those beliefs into reality. I did pre-orders and sold the products before I could even create them. Even if an idea never sees the light of day, I will do everything in my power to make it happen. For many of the Bahi products, I had the ingredients written down long before they were completed. I had even planned out Bahi for two years before I took the plunge, but I always believed in it — and now we’re here.”