You know that moment when you are watching the season finale of your favorite show and get all teary-eyed and try to hide all that pain beneath a fake smile? Then you hear a sniff and you all start crying together. That’s how season 4 of CW’s The Originals ended for fans. Unfortunately, the closing of the last season also hinted that the Haylijah love story might sink, never to surface back again.

However, Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, just opened the way for a ray of hope for Hayley x Elijah shippers. While talking to TV Guide, the actor said, “As long as there’s an Elijah and there’s a Hayley, there will always be some kind of love story transpiring.” Does that mean that they’ll get back together despite the fact that Elijah has lost his memories and there will be seven years between the next time they see each other?

Gillies continued to add, “I think that at the very least we’ll revisit who they are to each other.” So, perhaps Elijah would walk down the memory lane? While the 41-year-old gave fans some hope to hold on to, Julie Plec, executive producer of the show, laid down the facts that in this long a separation, Hayley might have moved on to someone else.

She mentioned, “It’s been seven years since Elijah walked out of her life, and they didn’t necessarily end in a way that felt like their relationship was closed.” She also told that “When we get to see her seven years later, a nice surprise is that she actually seems to be doing OK. She’s got this like smokey, blue-eyed, restaurateur who’s got his eye on her.”

From the little that is known about what one can expect from the show, this character is named Declan, an Irish chef, and he would be portrayed by Torrance Coombs. Declan would be unaware of the supernatural and Hayley’s link to all that. Elijah would also be interested in another new character named Antoinette, played by Jaime Murray.