Thanks to the social media, in today’s world, everyone happens to be a beauty blogger. They just sit on their desk at their home and shoot a video about products without prior research. Some of them go overboard and think that they have sufficient knowledge to recommend the products. To make it even worse, this disease is contagious.

This is what makes it horrible…

When one blogger posts a review of products the other bloggers tend to copy it. Soon the same product becomes so viral that the person viewing the video thinks that this product is the ‘in’ thing that they are missing out.

They believe every word of the mundane blogger. They go to the market and end up buying and trying the product without being aware of the consequences. That is the state of fashion and beauty products nowadays.

The fashion of putting charcoal mask became famous recently.

The black mask took over the internet literally. Everyone was putting those on and telling the world how awesome it made the skin feel. Plus, the others were busy recommending it. Lots and lots of DIY (do it yourself) videos were shared. Even Snapchat ended up making a filter about it since everyone wanted to give it a try.

Maybe it was the color black that made it stand out from the rest. Since it is the only mask that uses a different color or maybe it was its sticky forceful nature that pleased the users. Taking the mask off required a bit of courage and tolerance too so maybe that attracted people. Because it made the user ‘feel’ that the skin is new and hair are gone.

The beauty experts recommend it by saying that this mask is amazing since it cleanses the skin and make it smooth. Furthermore, it removes the extra facial hair too and black heads and white heads become a history when the mask is used. Tempting, right?

Recently, a renowned facialist named Andy Milward took to Facebook to warn everyone about the charcoal mask dangers. For starters, it is to be made public that the mask literally rips off a layer of the skin. The upper layer is completely removed so for a time being it is going to feel smooth. However, the long term damage of the mask will outweigh the benefits.

More than that…

The charcoal mask pulls out the black heads is a myth. It actually does nothing other than pulling out the essential oils needed to make the skin look healthy. The oils to grow back and to maintain a healthy skin balance will require more than 30 days. The continued use of the mask only means that you are depriving your skin of the oils that it desperately requires and making it dry. It is going to raise many skin related concerns if not stopped on time because in other words, all that it is going is ripping the top layer off and removing protective cells that guard against bacteria. That’s why users complained about acne problems afterwards.

That’s not all…The pollutants get an easier path to enter. Furthermore, a well-known California based dermatologist, Christine Choi Kim that YouTube is the greatest threat. The beauticians are making endless videos about the methodologies to be used to make this mask at home.

The ingredients used in making the mask include a sticky glue and activated charcoal. These both when mixed together could actually block and clog the pore resulting in skin blemishes. Moreover, sensitive skin will be a cause of rashes and dryness too.

So, the next time someone recommends it let them know about the corns attached to it too. Not everything the beauty bloggers say is destined to be true. Search up well before falling prey to the lies in hunger to join the fashion bandwagon.