After the demise of The Originals, Julie Plec decided to continue on the vampire-witch-werewolf rollercoaster ride with another spin-off. She announced the birth of Legacies, a teen drama centering around Hope Mikaelson’s life at Mystic Falls.

But from the looks of it, Plec is failing miserably this time around. She managed to win millions of fans with The Vampire Diaries and then TO. But with this new show, fans are only growing frustrated and demanding a better plot or the end of the show altogether.

The episodes of the show that have come out so far have proved to be slow-placed and out of line with the string that connects the previous shows. Because this time around, dragons and gargoyles have also been added to the mix.

The team behind the show might have thought it would be a cool idea to introduce these creatures in the show, but fans are questioning why Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca and the other Original siblings never came across these 4000-year old monsters.

Fans of the previous two shows agree that the new characters are not as strong as the previous ones of TVD and TO. Even though some characters from TVD have been brought back in this show, it is still far from impressive to the audience.

Moreover, some have also complained that the witches are not reciting their spells as they were done so by Vincent, Davina and other witches as seen in the predecessors of Legacies. Some are unable to enjoy Legacies because it is clearly not for the audiences of TVD and TO.

That is because it surrounds the lives of teenagers while TVD and TO’s audiences comprised of mature adults as well. Don’t worry though, not all hope is lost. Perhaps the episodes will get better once the show picks up speed. The real question is, will Legacies even survive?