Do you just ever wish to run to the mall and toss every single item you fall in love with in the trolley and run? Run to the counter and pay all the bucks you have and live a life content that your wardrobe is now complete. Like there is no care in the world and the only ray of inspiration comes from Rebecca Bloom, that Confessions of a Shopaholic chic, who knew how to roll like a diva.

Do you wish to wake up and open the doors to your closet instead of the blinds and have fur coats, glittery dresses, and embroidered jackets greet you? Well, honey, its time you do all you can to afford your expensive self and live a life filled with handbags pretending to be confetti. Sprinkle makeup and stuff on yourself because you are a cake that deserves to be decorated.

I have the same desires. And while my wish list is too long to fit on the internet I have compiled a mini list that consists of four items that are lust-haves. For now, at least. Here it is:

Mismatched earrings

There was a time when I was young and feisty. I still am. But the point is that back when I was a dainty little fourteen-year-old, I was obsessed with Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. In particular, I loved her studs. She used to wear a star stud in one ear and a moon one in the other. I always wanted that to be trendy and today, it finally is.

I can’t be happier. So no wonder, since I have noticed this trend sneaking into the fashion town, I have been all about collecting mismatched earrings. I personally prefer small neat ones, but according to the Fashion Weeks that have just paraded, larger full of life ones are more in vogue.


Last year and this one too, have been all about backpacks. Backpacks not just for school or travel, but for picnics, traipsing around in the city, for hangouts and basically everywhere. These bags give a laidback and chic vibe so strong, that it practically wafts off you in waves.

This is why I love backpacks. Think metal studded ones or embroidered ones. Think pebbled skin backpacks and plain ones with metallic details. Wow.

Boots and booties

Ain’t My Fault by Zara Larsson had me hooked when it came out. I listened to the song on repeat and actually watched the video too. Just because I was silently crushing on those glittery knee-high boots Zara is wearing. Is this what love feels like? I am pretty sure it is.

Now with fall and winter tumbling in, it’s time we stand out of the crowd with amazing boots and booties. Laced up ones and velvet ones. Fur boots and metallic silver boots. Yes, please!

Palazzo pants

Nothing is as comfortable as a pair of wide-leg pants. Not only comfy these palazzos manage to be steezy as well. Pair them with a fitted tee or a loose one, with sneakers or platform heels, palazzo pants are so nice, they become friends with everything. Carry a crossbody bag with it, a tote bag, a hobo bag or just anything. These trousers don’t restrict you.

Pleated ones, cropped ones, printed bold ones, and plain ones, hand them all to me. I love how I can spin in circles easily, like a princess pretending to be a commoner when I wear palazzo pants.

Psst! Truth Alert: There is no such thing as a complete closet and shoe rack and bag collection. Sigh.