Gone are the days when meme’s were mere jokes and were supposed to be laughed at. Nowadays the culture of cruel memes has taken over the social media. However, it may seem powerless but it has the ability to move mountains. According to a recent research, the internet meme culture is the focal reason why celebrities end up ripping their personality apart and destroying the identity.

Psychologists are of the view that memes might be causing more harm than good. In their view, when a meme about a specific person is frequently shared over the internet it becomes normal for people to laugh at it. However the victim ends up losing all the self-confidence and esteem. In severe cases it also ends up hurting the personality and peace and sanity of the mind. Unfortunately, the victims in majority of the instances are celebrities. They are joked and mimicked on social media to an extent where they tend to develop bipolar tendencies and are forced to develop a ‘weird syndrome’. Thus, the saying, ‘fame makes people lose their head’ is false.

Look what you made Taylor Swift do? The innocent girl who was known for wearing flowery crown over her head and love for ponies was mimicked continuously over her breakups and ‘crying’ calls in her songs lyrics. In her latest song she adopted the tone quite opposite to all of her previous songs. She was not only ‘rising up from the dead’ and wearing bold psychotic look but is also urging that she has a list of names and meme maker ‘yours’ is in red underline? What if you are the reason old Taylor Swift is dead and she can’t answer the phone right now?

Taylor is only one such example. There has to be a reason why the innocent child star, Hannah Montanna shaved her head as an adult and ended up striping naked in front of the crowd. How come everyone’s beloved Britney Spears went through rehab. Why is the all-time favorite, Chandelier Bing, a drug addict now? How come the home alone kid was caught with Marijuana and the heartthrob Joker poisoned himself to death?

In 2010, Mr. Charlie Gilkey explained the term ‘Weird Syndrome’ in one of his articles. The weird syndrome is the love/hate relationship a person has with their own uniqueness. It is a condition in which a person wants to be a part of a crowd and share the sense of belongingness. However, a person is also convinced that somehow he or she is at their best when they dare to stand out. Enveloped in the curse of this dilemma a person starts to become frustrated and insecure. This also gives rise to severe identity crisis.

When we continuously mimic a person or a celebrity, they end up becoming weird. They fail to decide what is more important. Their own uniqueness or the need to stay acceptable in the society. Hence, they end up pulling stupid or pointless stunts, which sadly, again brings in fresh material for the meme makers. How dare we forget the Lindsay Lohan’s constant religion shifts and Ed Sheeran deleting his Twitter after the so called fans mimicked his Game of Thrones guest appearance.

The fault lies in us and the quality of stuff that we treat as jokes. Memes might be harmless to us but in reality it has a much more adverse affect. We cannot afford to lose more pearls just because our idea of humor is wrong. It is the need of the hour that we learn to appreciate good jokes and stand against bullies. The meme culture needs to be reanalyzed.