We all remember how important it was for every participant in America’s Next Top Model to represent CoverGirl products. It seemed like every model’s dream to become an ambassador of this chic and ravishing brand.

Even if people haven’t used CoverGirl in their lives, pretty much everyone seems to have a clear idea of what CoverGirl is all about, what are their products and how successful the brand is. Its never forgettable slogan ‘Easy, breezy, beautiful’ was taking the world by a storm. All the prominent billboards showcased CoverGirl’s advertisements and left all the aspiring ladies in awe and inspiration. Many would even act like a model in front of the mirror and repeat this slogan in a sexy voice, just to get the feeling of this amazing brand.

Unfortunately, we have a bad news for all the fans who have lived with the Easy Breezy and Beautiful tag line for their entire lives. Sadly, CoverGirl’s slogan is no longer ‘easy, breezy, beautiful’. This slogan is dead. Yes! And we are Sorry!

The reason why this iconic drugstore and beauty brand has ditched its signature “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” tagline is because they are undergoing a major brand renovation process. The company has to sadly put its former slogan to an end as a part of its biggest brand refresh in history.

Besides a new tagline, CoverGirl’s brand-refresh campaign would also include a new logo, tone, updated packaging and product designs.

The representatives have stated in various interviews that it was the changing attitudes and trends that led them to make such drastic changes in their iconic brand. They have expressed that the ever changing dynamics and latest trends proved challenging for CoverGirl’s delicate Easy Breezy and Beautiful theme.

The makeup industry has revolutionized significantly. While makeup was once used as a beautifying cosmetic that enhanced one’s look and made them appear beautiful and different. Today, make up is used as a tool of self expression. Customers who use makeup don’t want to look like someone they have seen on the television; they are now experimenting with different looks and coming up with their own distinct appearance. They use makeup today to look like themselves; express their personality with the way they use makeup.

“The beauty category and consumer have changed dramatically since we launched ‘Easy, Breezy, Beautiful’ nearly 20 years ago,” said Ukonwa Ojo, svp at CoverGirl. “People don’t think of beauty as one-dimensional, or matching traditional ideals and standards of perfection. Beauty should be diverse, dynamic and authentic.”

It has been seen that the way people dress up and use cosmetics is to define their own distinct personality. And since CoverGirl has promoted Easy Breezy and Beautiful for quite a long time, it was somehow overlooking that major chunk of population that wants to look bold, striking and eclectic in their own way.

“From a woman rocking a bold purple lip in the board room, to a teen wearing winged eyeliner while manning the cash register, makeup today is bold and colorful — very different from easy and breezy,” said Katy Alonzo, group strategy director at Droga5, the agency behind the re-brand. “The core challenge for us was to modernize CoverGirl for the modern woman.”

You must have been practicing with this Easy Breezy and Beautiful slogan for quite some time now, wishing to appear in the Top Model contests’ auditions and finally pave your way to a position where CoverGirl offer you the role of brand ambassador but wait a sec! Your dreams seem to have shattered before realization! If that CoverGirl mirror ad is something you still do you’ll need to make some changes to your performance according to their new theme and tag line.

The new tagline that has replaced Easy Breezy and Beautiful is I AM WHAT I MAKE UP. The re-brand effort kicks off with “Made in the Mirror,” a new “anthem video” for CoverGirl which showcases its bevy of brand ambassadors, including Insecure actress Issa Rae, singer Katy Perry, 69-year-old model and dietitian Maye Musk and professional motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda.

The new advertisement of CoverGirl, as you must have seen on the television by now, opens with a Toni Morrison quote, moving on to show these women wearing makeup as their own individual form of self-expression with Jefferson Airplane’s track “And I Like It” playing in the background.