With COVID-19 shaking the world and making people crawl into their houses to avoid contacting the virus, everyone is hoping for the virus to end now. However, it seems like this virus is not likely to end anytime soon, as new and fresh cases have been reported just recently.

  • New cases in China:

You would be amazed to know that country that has now reported these new cases is none other than people’s republic of China, which had claimed to have defeated the virus just recently. We all are aware of the fact that the virus originated from China itself, and spread all over the world with a great rage. However, the country claimed in the last month that it has successfully defeated the Corona virus, and it is COVID free now. With the news of new cases appearing in the country, it seems like it still needs some time to get rid of the problem, entirely.

  • Threat to North Korea:

This Sunday, the country reported that fourteen new cases have appeared, and in the last ten days, its the first time that it has come up with a double digit case number. The province where these cases are appearing is Jilin. The level of threat in that province has increased, and people all around the country have also come under the risk of getting the disease affect them. At the same time, it enhances the risk for the people living in North Korea. This is owing to the fact that the province of Jilin has a border connecting it with North Korea. Thus, it is obvious that North Korea also comes under risk, simultaneously.

  • Allegation on China for creating the Virus:

As the virus of Corona was started from China itself, there have been times when the country has been accused of waging a biological war on the World. A lot of countries, including the United States of America and Australia, have decided to ahead and investigate the issue. Both the countries are alleging China to have created the virus in the laboratory of Wuhan. However, China has come up with a reply that these accusations would cause a lot of problems for all the countries related to China.

The current global situation:

Up till now, around four million people, around the globe, are infected by the Corona virus. It is being said that this number will increase exponentially in the coming days. More than two lac people have died after getting infected by this virus. The highest number of deaths have been in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Iran.