Who doesn’t bob his head to Drake’s songs and who doesn’t love Millie Bobby Brown? We’re sure everyone does. And hey, lookie, the One Dance singer and Eleven admire each other too! It’s not like these two just love each other’s work, but that they are friends as well. Despite there being more than a decade’s gap between their age groups, Millie and Drake have been seen rocking photos together and okay, that does make our heart melt a bit.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, the 14-year-old actress who was nominated for an Emmy award for her performance in Stranger Things, revealed that she texts the 31-year-old rapper and asks for his advice. “We talk all the time. I ask his advice,” said the young British rising star. Millie didn’t share exactly what they talk about or what advices she asks for from him. But perhaps, it has something to do with her having become instantly famous.

Millie and Drake met last year in Australia. Both of them were touring; Millie was promoting her series and Drake was there for delivering music on the stage. Millie attended his concert and met him backstage where they also took a few pictures. Of course, this moment had to be recorded on social media so both the celebrities posted a picture with one another. In the photo Millie posted, Drakes arm sits on her shoulder. They both look dapper as always.

Millie captioned her post, “this guy …” while Drake’s caption read “Hawkins Very Own.” In the snap he posted, they’re both seen in a very Eleven pose. How cool is that? Back in January at the Golden Globes, the Canadian singer also hung out with the rest of the Stranger Things cast. There Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin who are also main characters in the Netflix hit series got photos shot with Drake. And because Drake is so chill, both the young actors Instagrammed the moment too!