None of us can ever be safe from dark circles. They are meant to haunt us for the rest of our lives. We are always trying new ways to either hide them or get rid of them permanently. From makeup products to surgical treatments, there are endless possibilities out there to tackle the appearance of dark circles.

A study mentioned in depicted that over 114 million people in America purchased concealer last year for the purpose of covering facial imperfections like that of dark circles. Additionally, with advanced technology, more and more people are relying on plastic surgeries for long term under eye treatments.

One of the latest trends in such surgical and non-surgical treatments for dark circles is that of the under eye fillers. A celebrity plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey, John Paul Tutela, MD recently identified an increased demand for under eye fillers by his patients. There is an influx of at least 4 to 5 patients each week for such off-label surgical dark circle treatment.

Dr. Tutela explained, “As we age and we lose volume in our face, our lower eyelids also loosens and fat from behind our eye starts to bulge out. The combination of this extra bulk (a mountain) immediately adjacent to the loss of volume in our tear trough just beneath this (a valley) creates a contrast that becomes very recognizable as an ‘always tired’ look.”

Although such under eye fillers can show fascinating results, they are definitely expensive and not easily affordable by the majority of American population. For instance, Dr. Tutela charges $750 for the starting procedure and this is a prolonged process since needles are required to be injected in the upper cheek areas each year for the results to successfully remain.

Understanding the high expenses of such treatments, Dr. Tutela himself recommends a rather easy “secret makeup hack” to cover the look of tired and aging eyes. He suggested, “A lot of what fillers accomplish is changing the contour of you face so shadows don’t fall in areas that make you look aged, like the tear trough which is right under your eye. By concealing dark circles, it accomplishes a lot of the same look that is achieved with fillers.”

The trick is to contour the dark circles under your eyes through concealers of two separate shades. One of the shades should match your cheeks color whereas the other one should be a lighter shade from the overall skin tone. For that bulging look of the under eye to completely shrink, apply the shade that is darker to the bulge area closest to the under eye, and cover lower area of the under eye with the lighter concealer.

The doctor also added, “It’s basically creating an optical illusion. The darker shade conceals the fatty bulge directly beneath the lower lash line that comes with aging and exhaustion, while the lighter shade draws attention downward and reflects more light. It’s the same concept as using a filler, but more temporary.”

This makeup hack is not just simple and amazing, it seems miraculous. Needless to say, with this “under eye contour hack” quickly spreading all over social media, we are soon going to see a great number of women following it all over the world.