June 26, 2022

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Console again this week? Direct shares

PlayStation 5. The weeks are the same for PlayStation 5 researchers. The console was hard to find in mid-February. Our update on stocks, promotions and our tips.

[Mis à jour le 21 février 2022 à 17h29] The PlayStation is back in the spotlight this week. For resellers after an empty week last week, with no resumes in stores or on the internet, the console is likely to be back this week. If we are to believe some rumors, the console should be back on its feet by Friday. It is necessary to react especially in cases of restart, fierce competition and stocks are lower than before. To help you, we have collected all the information you need for your purchase, direct stock status, used PS5, our tips and PS5 products on sale.

Our update on PS5 shares starting Monday, February 21st:

  • 5:29 pm: Another white day for the PS5.
  • 10:26 am: No console message yet. Stay tuned for more by updating this page.
  • 10:10 am: The console is still second hand and available at full price Raguden
  • 10:00 a.m .: Rumors are talking about a resume CD discount And Amazon

If the invention of the new PS5 console has been an achievement recently, know that it is always possible to use it on resale sites. For example, you can see it at this time Raguden. However, the console is resold at a retail price of more than its classic retail price, which is 99 499 for the standard version and 9 399 for the digital version. Some resellers are still reasonably priced. If you want to avoid vaults of PS5 drops on reseller sites, do not hesitate, but these offers are reserved for the most discouraged buyers.

If getting a PlayStation 5 is more of an achievement than a simple transaction, it is possible to get a precious console. Given the strong need to gradually turn all potential buyers into competitors, it is essential to respect certain steps in your buying process. If you want to put contradictions on your page, below are some tips and tricks we have put together for you in the slideshow. They are all useful for running your purchases smoothly and will help you to act as quickly as possible when the console is available.

Three weeks ago, Sony set up the registration system to get the PlayStation 5. For members of its PlayStation Network only, this waiting list offers the opportunity to benefit from a live release copy.Sony Factories. An algorithm that was initially established in the UK in September initially proved its worth. However, the waiting list has been open for weeks in France, Germany and other European countries. To participate, go to This link,

The 2022 winter sale is already over, but there are still plenty of ads on the PlayStation 5 games and accessories. Titles such as Deathloop and Archan Studio’s creation (Dishonored) were rewarded at the Game Awards 2021, but the big games were three times as many. The essential FIFA 22 or Cyberpunk 2077 has received its next generation update. Many games that can be found in advertising on the sites of the largest French retailers. If you want to expand your library after having the opportunity to get a precious console, unavoidable offers.

Among the other topics we can recommend for purchase is Deathloop, which is a great creation (Dhonored) from Arcane Lyon’s studio. This critically acclaimed game (including ours) immerses you in a unique universe, designed with a solid and ambitious art direction, and offers you an action game – first-person intrusion, common in the works of Arcane Lyons. An adventure -50% is offered on the Fnac website. On his page, you can also find the latest for cry. Far Cry 6 is far from being one of the best students in its category, offering a fined Triple A experience with a relatively repetitive gameplay similar to previous games. However, it is the most fun experience in collaboration, available at -45%, which often justifies its purchase.

You can also find the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in Ubisoft’s acclaimed Action / RPG series. If it’s far from the best part of the series, it offers you a dive into early medieval England, providing a rigorous and quality historical schedule, with no different gameplay and more characters. The good news, though, is that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is also on sale at the time, of course on the PlayStation 5. At this price, we recommend you to test this adventure, taken by the graphics that are necessary for this dive into the world of feudal England.

That is still a difficult question to answer today. The PlayStation 5 is definitely available, new or used on the Rakuten site for example. But beware, the base price of the digital version of the console sells for more than 399.99, and the standard version for up to 300 euros for newer consoles. Offers that are far from offering the best price, but will satisfy buyers who want to get the console instantly and not have to re-stock from time to time by resellers. In fact, to find a console at a reasonable price, you have to wait until you get it from a dealer, and then be quick and a little lucky to get a copy.

Buy the PS5 standard version on Boulanger | Buy the PS5 digital version at Boulanger

In addition, it should be noted that Amazon receives relatively regular restarts and reserves them for its Amazon Prime members. If you do not subscribe to the e-commerce companies’ subscription service, you can still get its 30 day free trial period. You can add the console to your wishlist and add it directly to your basket from this tab when stocks become available. This manipulation not only saves you time when purchasing (time spent on console stock) but also allows you to avoid the main product page which is overloaded by visitors.

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