Exercises are a part of life for all those who are conscious about their health, even if you are a beginner or regularly go to gym, there are sets of exercises that you practice regularly. These exercises are not only great for warm-ups but also toughen up your body for other vigorous workouts

These simple and common exercises are a good start for a healthy journey. They help you against stress, reduce the unwanted fats in your body, and they increase the endurance of your muscles and bones. Thus, they benefit you in several ways.

So, here are 10 of the common exercises which are for everyone:

  1.    Squats

First and foremost come the squats. These are beneficial for the whole body as they help in building muscles throughout from upper body to the lower one, especially the legs. Squats help your body in balancing and movements too. This exercise engages the whole body. In doing so, it works on your abs, backside, and thighs simultaneously.

For doing squats in the right way, you have to stand with your legs apart with the same distance as your shoulders. Keep your hands on your thighs. Now bend your knees and bring your hips down and thighs parallel to the ground. Make sure your weight is focused on your heels. Then stand back again.

  1.    Lunges

Lunges focus on your hips, legs, and abs. The most important part is that the body learns to balance in a better way when each side gets proper attention through this workout. It creates symmetry on both sides by toning muscles properly. The movement brought by lunges makes the muscles in hips more flexible that otherwise are rigid due to daily work routine.

For lunges, stand with your feet apart same as the length of shoulders. Now with either of your leg moved behind, bent the knee enough to be on the right angle with the grounds and your heel above the ground. Your other knee should be bent to have your thighs parallel to the ground.

  1.    Planks

Who doesn’t want the pooch of their belly to go away? Planks help you by toning down your stomach and giving you beautiful abs. As the main focus here is on your core parts, hence, it also helps in relieving backaches. Planks also help in balancing the body and improving the posture.

For doing a perfect plank, you need to get on the ground with both your hands and knees, each apart at the same distance as your shoulders. Now, lift your knees and push your legs back. Your heels should be upright and support your body with your palms and toes.

  1.    Push Ups

Push-ups involve major parts of your body especially the core. Thus, strengthening most muscles. It has quite a positive effect on the cardiovascular system because it covers major muscles. Therefore, the heart works harder in pumping the blood. It includes muscles in a way that it also creates good posture.

Push-ups are linked with planks. As in planks, your legs should be extended with your back and neck on the same level and your core tight. But in push-ups, you need to bring yourself down by bending your elbows. Straighten your elbows again to return to the position.

  1.    Burpees

Burpees are full body exercises engaging your abs, legs, and hips, toning each muscle perfectly. Moreover, one of the basic goals of exercising is burning calories. Burpees extends help you in this regard by assisting in burning a significant amount of calories. You can develop great stamina that helps in doing other major exercises.

This one is the combination of first, third and fourth that is squats, followed by plank and lastly a push-up and then finally back on feet. For doing burpees, stand tall then follow a squat with your hand on the ground, do a plank by extending your leg and lastly a push-up.

  1.    Sit-ups

Sit-ups are an all rounder as they focus on both upper and lower body. They help with the flexibility and by building up the muscles and should be done if you want to have ‘six-packs’. Sit-ups engage your core body perfectly and also helps you in creating a good balance for your body.

Furthermore, this exercise is a great way to work on your abdomen. For this, you need to lie on your back with your knees bend and feet flat on the ground. Now lift your upper body to the point of bringing your chest to your knees. Make sure your hands are behind your head and don’t give a jerk to your neck.

  1.    Glute Bridge

When doing glute bridge, your core body parts are involved, that means your abs, back, and hips are all working together. This is great if you want to firm your hip muscles and give them a good shape. This exercise will also help in relieving back pains and knee pain.

This one is very great for your hips, great enough to tone them. For practicing a glute bridge, lie down like you did for sit-ups but this time with your hands by your side. Next, raise your hips enough to just have your shoulders and upper back on the ground. Do a complete set of this repeating it 10-12 times.

  1.    Superman

Superman exercise is all about your spine and back. Therefore, it is very beneficial for those who do long day jobs or experience back pain. As it involves your spine, it helps you against back pain and brings stability to your spine.

This is another one of the basic exercise that engages shoulder, hips and back of your body. For doing it, lie on the ground on your stomach with hands extended ahead. Now bring up your hands and your legs few inches above the ground at the same time. Bring your limbs back down at the same time.

  1.    Side Planks

This exercise is again an all-rounder. It involves your core, legs, and arms and strengthens each of these muscles and increases their tolerance. It greatly helps in balancing your body as the steps involved require a lot of concentration to perform them right. As you learn to focus and master side planks, your body learns to balance itself.

Side planks include your core and focuses on all parts of the body. To this end,  lie on your right side with your left leg on top of your right and your left arm resting above your hips. Your right forearm should be touching the ground with elbows making a 90 degree with the ground. Now raise your hip and your left hand up straight.

  1.    Cobra

Cobra exercise focuses on your upper body and hence increase the power of your core muscles that includes your abs. Secondly, it is great for back and neck pain, it also helps in making your body flexible due to the stretching is done in the exercise. It is said to elevate the mood as well.

For performing the Cobra, lie on your stomach again but bring your hand near your shoulders and with the help of your hands raise your upper body, stay in the position for few seconds before bringing your body down.

These are a few of the very common exercises which everyone should do and follow as they properly engage every part of your body.