For any makeup lover, eyeshadows can be fun things to play with. And vibrant shades can only double the fun of this game, as they help to create new looks that border close to creativity. The ColourPop Super Shock New Shades are such a gift from the cult favorite brand. The brand had promised some amazing colors. Finally, these are coming out now and we cannot take our eyes off of them!

The colors are omg-wow-ness. The brand has, in fact, delivered its promise and released the prettiest colors ever. There are altogether 15 new marvelous shades. There is basically an array of amazing colors that range between creamy, light hues to fuchsia. Some other colors in the color variety include lavender, sunshine, seafoam green, dusty pink, and sunshine that can all be found along the way.

There are also shimmery colors in the new range such as off-white, and soft honey. So the diversity of colors presented this time around is tremendous and truly worth wows. As the Super Shock Shades are normally priced at $5, it can also be anticipated that the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow new shades would also be set at this price.

A cherry on top of this is the new eyeshadow colors are coming out on January 5 at 10 am PST. The date and time are only around the corner so there isn’t much wait for these new lovely shades too.

Plus, ColourPop’s good quality products and reasonable products are a makeup blessing. With the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow New Shades, you can begin your new year with new looks. In fact, you can step into the spring with vibrant and bright colors. Since the price for this brand is always light as well, you can unhesitatingly add all the various colors into your eyeshadow collection.