ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks have us on our heels. Since this year rolled into being, the beauty brand has been unleashing surprises after surprises. Jan 31 saw the launch of the Lux Lipstick Collection by the brand. The lip shades, as expected, flew off the shelves.

But if you are among those who couldn’t get a lux lipstick for herself or you loved it way too much, then there is good news for you. The ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks have been restocked, which is a good news in itself. But hold on, that’s not all. There are 24 new shades in the collection that are ready to blow you off to the moon.

The Lux Lipstick Collection already exhibited a vast range of colors. There were various shades but the cherry on top is that there are new hues to get your hands on.

ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks


The new colors will include:

  • A lavender trio: the three shades in the category are named What If, Sitting Pretty, and Cheetah
  • Nudes trio: the three buddy shades under this category include Uno Mas, Layover, and Gallop
  • Reds trio: this is another trio of rocking reds. The upcoming hues are called On Display, Get A Room, and On Repeat
  • Pinks Trio: these pink-toned lip shades will be called Appy, Money Side Up, and Ghosted

The ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks colors will be up for grabs on February 15 at 10 am PST. The restock and new color launch date is just around the corner so there isn’t much waiting to do. The formula is a super creamy, semi-matte, and pigmented one.

The prices are set $7 for each individual lipstick. The entire Lux Lip Collection is marked for $150 and the Lux Lip Vault with 24 shades in each box is for $168. You can also get four different trios for $21 each.