Have you ever just wanted to fold your backpack and carry it another way because your shoulders are oh so tired of wearing it around? We’ve all wanted that, especially those of us who travel a lot, spent a lot of time backpacking through cities. For all these adventurers at heart, the new Colette foldable backpack is a must-have. Saint Laurent has created a convertible backpack exclusively for this retailer.

The bag has not officially come out yet and will come out with the rest of the apparel and accessories assortment. Colette gave fans a first look at what the bag would look like and how it will roll, on Instagram. Fans are in love with the backpack and some even think that it wouldn’t be all that expensive. In this bag, convenience and style hold hands. The compact fanny pack blooms into a backpack.

The material is nylon and the color is black. The silver hardware of the bag gives it a trendy yet simple look. The innovative design is a heart-winner complete with straps. The Parisian boutique is closing soon but not without impressing its shoppers one last time. For those who don’t know, you don’t have to run all the way to Paris to cop some goods at the boutique because before it goes, Colette stuff would be available for the first and the last time at another store.

Yep, you heard that right. Colette items would be available in the States in NYC at retail store Story. But this Colette foldable backpack wouldn’t be up for grabs there as it is a product of Saint Laurent and the French store’s collaboration that is exclusively for Colette. Though New Yorkers do get to purchase holiday gifts from the retailer. It is not yet out in the open when this convertible Colette backpack would be available in-store and online.