Minnesota State is under fire. Since yesterday, the black rights activities are furious over the sheer atrocities held on them. The latest development is that, Omar Jimenez, a reporter, was caught in cuffs by the police of Minnesota. This happened around six in the morning. the Minnesota state police was patrolling when it decided to take Omar under arrest. Along with Omar, the police had also arrested Leonel Mendez, a photojournalist, as well as Bill Kirkos, the producer of the team that also had Omar in it. The entire crew was treated badly by the police of Minnesota state.

The broad day light arrest:

The unrest in the state is quite evident. In order to bring this unrest under control, the cops decided to clear the streets. As this was happening in the broad day light, it turned out to be quite difficult for the police. As a result, it led to fueling the unrest and making the things go out of control. The crew, however, was not a part of the unrest. Rather, all the three members were busy covering the fires that had erupted in the state. The fires were lit by the protesters, who were condemning the death of George Floyd.

Backlash from the CNN staff:

The crew was one of the most competent ones working at CNN. This unjust act by the police caused a lot of backlash from the CNN staff as well as the general public. The journalist, Omar Jimenez, had also interviewed the police of Chicago, a little while before the cops arrested him along with his crew members. With the news of him getting arrested, a lot of attention went his way.  A lot of people criticized this act by the cops, and demanded the immediate release of the reporter.

The LIVE arrest:

What made the whole thing interesting was the fact that the cameraman of the crew recorded the whole process of arrest. The video went live through CNN. The viewers saw that the reporter was extremely calm while talking to the police, and also offered to move to another place to shoot. However, the cops didn’t take him seriously and arrested him anyway.

The global reaction:

With the video getting so many views by the people all across the United States of America and hundreds of tweets gone against the cops, the police had to succumb to the pressure. The police released all the three people later on.

George Floyd and his murder:

The murder of George Floyd has taken the entire United States of America under frenzy. Protests are ablaze all across the country over the arrest and murder of an unarmed black man, named George Floyd. His images of being pinned to the ground by a white cop in the state of Minnesota has led to a lot of criticism. A weekend curfew has been imposed in the state, as the riots went out of hand and the police was not able to handle the pressure. #WhiteLivesMatter has been trending on twitter for last three days, and people all across the World are demanding justice and equal rights for the whites.