The previous year made it pretty obvious that this one would be all about of K-Beauty and J-Beauty. Because multiplying makeup and subtracting skincare from the equation doesn’t just seem wrong but is downright unhealthy for the skin. Like we take care of our hair, we must nourish our skin too. And the Korean and Japanese seem to have just the right ideas and ingredients for that.

The trend of Glass Skin and Honey Skin went viral but the focal point around which both revolved was the same. Both were about keeping your skin moisturized. However, the former skincare routine won more points because who doesn’t want a glossy complexion? It was about following a few careful steps on a daily basis to reveal crystal clear skin without any flaws.

The latest term birthed on the internet by K-Beauty is Cloudless Skin. One would think that this route to skin refreshment would be no different. But that is not the case. Allure dug into the matter and figured out what exactly Cloudless Skin was about. The magazine unearthed that Cloudless Skin was not some new regime but a lifestyle choice.

Unlike the other K-Beauty trends that went viral, this one is more connected to health. It doesn’t just rely on products that are applied on the surface of the skin, but the inner glow that happiness, healthy habits, and positivity bring. In an interview with Allure, YouTuber and founder of brand KraveBeauty, Liah Yoo, revealed:

“Unlike glass skin, mochi skin, and honey skin, ‘cloudless skin’ is not really a trend. It’s the ultimate skin condition that motivates Korean women to do skin care so deliberately, and it’s a term that’s been used in many advertisements for decades.” So, the concept that has surfaced on the internet only now, has been a part of Korean skincare for a long time now.

Accordingly, to gain the look, one doesn’t have to just follow a series of steps but rather keep skin in good shape by taking several preventative measures. These include using the right products, eating the right foods, combating the damage done by pollution and UV exposure, and keeping stress and inflammation levels at a minimum. To aim for cloudless skin is to make a lifestyle choice not to just pamper your skin but your entire being. Sounds tough but refreshing indeed.