Clear Nails Plus is an advanced dietary supplement that works from the inside out to relieve one of toenail fungal infections. This product contains ingredients that are of a premium quality along with being natural. The formula is one that can be relied on since it has positive reviews as well as a solid money back guarantee backing it.

Toenail fungal infections don’t only make a person want to hide his feet in socks all the time because of how ugly they look but the fungus can also be dangerous. The formation of fungal infections is pretty slow on the outside which is why most people don’t notice their presence until it is too late. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, toenail fungal infections don’t go away if one ignores them.

These infections can be pretty adamant and even if OTC drugs or surgeries help one erase their existence on the outside, they often still lurk underneath one’s skin. This is why it is essential to go for a natural product that can help get rid of the infection from the inside out. Let’s dive into the details of how this particular supplement works and see whether it’s worth buying.

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Clear Nails Plus – What’s The Hype About?

Clear Nails Plus is gaining more and more popularity. The natural formula that works to protect one from the deadly impacts of toenail fungus is high in demand because of the approach it takes to eliminate the problem. This product deals with fungal infections naturally and since it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients, it doesn’t have any negative side effects of use.

This quality of the product makes it worth trying. Other similar products often bring along adverse side effects because they contain chemicals, fillers, additives or artificial preservatives. Also, using this supplement is comparatively way more convenient as well. Surgery is another option for getting rid of toenail fungus which is swift, but it fails to show lasting results as fungus still lives inside.

OTC drugs and creams take just as long but they require one to visit the doctor more than once and are risky as well. This dietary supplement can be simply added to one’s routine. One only has to add the pills to his diet and take them regularly in accordance with the guidelines of use mentioned. Positive reviews on the website of the product show that customers who have used the product have been satisfied with the results.

The Backstory Of This Product

This formula was not created for the sole purpose of bringing a new product to the market. In fact, this supplement was made to address the problems of the many people who seek ways to get rid of toenail fungal infections naturally. The capsules were created when Roy Williams, the man behind this product, found himself in the midst of a tragedy.

Roy, who has 18 years of experience in the medical field, saw his father at the verge of death, in suffering because his brain and liver had been weakened due to the toenail fungal infection which had managed to spread through his bloodstream. His father’s heart was also weakening because fungus had clogged an artery. That’s when Roy researched on toenail fungus which had initiated this mess.

His research led him to discover how deadly fungal infections could be. That’s when he paired up with other researchers to formulate this product which can naturally heal the problem. Clear Nails Plus is the natural formula which helped Roy’s father recover. It has also assisted countless other people in their struggle against toenail fungus.

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The Approach This Product Takes

Most products and procedures only aim to remove toenail fungus on the outside. This allows the infection to thrive inside and eventually, it shows up again. This means the problem is not completely tackled and one’s health is at constant risk regardless of the so-called treatment option. Clear Nails Plus makes the fungal infection bid its goodbyes once and for all.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how this product exactly deals with and makes the fungal infection go away:

1 – Detoxification

The formula detoxifies one’s body. It flushes out toxins and impurities including the fungal infection. This means that fungus is made to exit one’s body.

2 – Immunity

Next, the supplement optimizes gut microbiome which gives a boost to the immunity. A strong immune system makes sure that the fungus is not able to attack again.

3 – Skin

Toenail fungus makes the nail yellowish, cracked, and brittle. This product also works to strengthen the nail and to make the skin surrounding it soft once again.

Pricing, Bonuses, Money Back Guarantee

Clear Nails Plus comes in three economical packages. Here are the details of the pricing policy:

  • 1 bottle of the supplement comes for $69
  • In a deal of 3 bottles, each is available for $59. Shipping and handling are free of costs
  • In a deal of 6 bottles, each is available for $49. Shipping and handling are free of costs

There is a money back guarantee as well that backs the purchase. This guarantee lasts for 180 days. One can return his product if he is unsatisfied with the results during this time. This shows that the company is confident about the product and not a scam.

What’s more, there are two bonuses as well that comes entirely free of cost with this product. Originally these e-books are priced at $49 each. The guides that come as freebies are:

  • 24-Hour Fungal Flush
  • The Diabetic Fungus Fighting Handbook

Is Clear Nails Plus Worth Buying?

A lot of people and reviews praise this product for its efficacy. Our #1 choice for removing toenail fungal infection is indeed Clear Nails Plus. Not only does it help provide complete eradication from fungal infection, it can also improve overall health of the body as well. If you want to get rid of that nasty toenail fungus, go for this supplement.