From his gorgeous eyelashes to his spellbinding chest, the Captain America actor is one uber fine specimen. Chris Evans is private about his affairs and yet never fails to catch attention over his controversial or adorable tweets. The hunk, who doesn’t typically post racy stuff, just hit twitter with unexpected content and fans can’t help but want more.  

The 38-year-old shared a picture of himself, assumedly in bed, with his dog Dodger. And honestly, this one picture was all it took to make ladies from around the world drool. Unfortunately, though, the snap doesn’t show much of Evans’ muscular physique; just a glimpse of his manly chest that somehow manages to look oh-so-hot even with all that hair.

The comments’ section is proof though that fans want more. The audience craves more cute content centering around Evans’ world-famous dog and a proper view of his chest. Imagine the state of his female fans had he actually shared a complete shirtless picture, showing off his tattoos and perfect beard.

But, nah, Evans is not among those actors who bless their fans with countless half-nude images. “Take this picture again but pls pan the camera slightly to the side. I’m trying to see something,” commented a fan who wanted to have a look at his inked chest.

Evans and his love for dogs go hand in hand. Had the Playing It Cool actor not been a dog person, he wouldn’t have been himself. His love for pooches is something that he is not shy to talk about. Back in June, the actor petted a dog in the middle of a Comic Con panel. This simple act of his had many people looking at him with heart eyes. It is also not uncommon of him to tweet pictures of and about Dodger.

“SHOW US YOUR CHEST TATTO SIR,” read another comment with replies of other fans who also wanted to see his new tattoo. Chris Evans doesn’t have any clearly visible tattoos. In fact, it is very rare of him to flaunt one.

In a previous interview, Evans mentioned that he has got tattoos on areas that are hidden by clothes so that he doesn’t have to get a layer of makeup on his tatted skin when shooting movies. Apart from his body, fans were also delighted to have a tweet that was about Dodger who clearly has as many fans as his parent.

One person wrote, “Why is this the purest and softest thing I’ve ever seen? Dodger really is living his best life and it’s what he deserves.” Another typed, “I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR DODGER.” Several folks thanked Evans for sharing Dodger content. Basically, most of the tweets that Chris has been sending out recently are about his political views. And while people appreciate that he tweets often, heart-winning pictures of himself, his dog, his hobbies never go unnoticed.

The heartthrob met his soul-dog at an animal shelter while he was shooting Gifted which is, by the way, one of his best movies. While talking about how he rescued Dodger, Chris Evans said about his furry buddy, “he acts like a puppy, he’s got the energy of a puppy, he’s just such a sweetheart, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he’s full of love.”