Chris Evans has once again succeeded at charming his fans thoroughly. The 38-year-old actor appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show yesterday. At a point during the show, Evans revealed that he is an awful liar. He said, “I’m a terrible liar which is so weird because I act for a living.”

Oh yes, Evans that is odd and yet so sweet! The Captain America star went on to explain how acting and lying are very different. He said that while acting he has his lines, and full context. But when it comes to lying when the cameras are not shooting a movie, you have none of that.

“When it’s actually real life lying, I feel like I have every tell you could possibly have,” revealed the Marvel favorite. Chris even told the host how he sucks at lying, adding, “I get red, I sweat, my eyes gaze, I’m touching my face.”

His is so bad at it that he even sucks at poker! “I’m horrible at poker which is such a shame because I love the game.” Of course, this is just another adorable detail of this hunk’s personality. Another feature that doesn’t quite go with his career is that he has severe social anxiety. However, it is not uncommon of celebrities to have crippling anxiety.


Chris Evans’ co-star Robert Downey Junior once revealed how Chris couldn’t stop fussing over who would get out of the car first during one of their Avengers’ movies premiere. Other than this, fans have noticed Chris’ very obvious anxiety in several videos. Overtime though, Evans has learned how to control his anxiety somewhat and now he’s not as uncomfortable as he once used to be.

Fans who viewed Jimmy Fallon’s latest episode snippet starring Chris Evans on YouTube couldn’t help but comment about how they loved Chris. The thing is, Chris’ fans are convinced that he has some very Captain America personality traits in real life.

“Chris Evans was meant to be Captain America. Not just for his physique and his commitment. Also, because he truly believes in justice and equality for all,” commented one YouTube user. Another echoed, “Chris Evans shares the same qualities as Captain America, was meant to be.”

People couldn’t stop praising Chris for not just being hot but having a great personality. One person typed, “so damn charming it should be against the law” while another commented, “he is so honest and funny.” Chris also revealed details of how he spoiled the ending for Anthony Mackie and told him that Cap would pass Falcon his shield.

Returning back to his lying skills, this guy is quite honest. He “didn’t hold back” when on this episode of the Tonight Show he was telling Fallon about his brother, Scott Evans’ most embarrassing childhood story. However, when it comes to being private Chris prefers to keep the curtains closed on whom he’s dating and all about his love life. Now that truly sucks.