Fans of Chris Evans are super impressed with the hunk. Not only because he played Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also because he’s passionate about American politics in real life. And clearly, he’s someone who is not scared to put his opinions out there.



All that is old news – what his followers on Twitter currently can’t stop raving about is how literate he sounds! The Playing It Cool actor uses vocabulary that people can surely learn from. In his latest  tweets, the actor uses big words that have left fans wondering how hot he can be.


The 38-year-old made a series of tweets on Twitter bashing yet another politician. In his third tweet, Evans typed, “This obsequious dunce should have no place in politics.” And with the use of the word “obsequious” he had fans ready to vote him as the next president of the United States!

One responded to his tweet saying, “You know if he reads this he’ll have to go and look up what obsequious means, don’t you? Proud of you, btw – from one of your least obsequious fans, as you know!!” Another fan replied, “’Obsequious dunce’ gave me a lady boner. I f***ing adore you, dude.”

This is not the first time Chris Evans has used his mind’s thesaurus to impress people off their feet. Often in interviews, he uses words that make people love him even more. Surely, this man is one who knows how to speak, and write well.

As for his career right now, his new movie called The Red Sea Diving Resort will be out on Netflix on July 31. You can also catch him in cinemas in November this year when his movie Knives Out will be out. As for his fate as Captain America, so far it seems as though we won’t be catching him in the MCU anymore.