Chris Evans is definitely up to something. Or is he not?

It seems as though he’s being paid to promote the current season of Rick and Morty. Or is it that Evans has joined the cast as a voiceover artist? That is also a possibility. The actor has shared two different tweets about the show, praising it as if that’s going to bring him profits. While his first tweet didn’t raise any suspicion, the second one sure did.

In his first tweet he expressed his excitement writing, “3 more weeks until Rick and Morty.” And now, he’s posted another tweet. This one includes a clip of the latest episode that he’s shot with not-at-all-shaky hands. The caption to the vid tweet reads, “How can you not love this show?” Well, Chris the actual question is how can anyone not absolutely love you?



Responding to the tweet, the Fandom account on Twitter wrote, “Chris Evans cameo in ‘Rick and Morty’ when?” It is entirely possible that Chris is not teasing any Rick and Morty related news that is associated to him. And he’s probably also not going all influencer for the producers of the show and encouraging more people to watch it.

The man’s maybe just having a good time, enjoying the show and doing whatever he pleases. He’s currently shooting Defending Jacob. Moreover, the Captain America star is also promoting a latest movie of his, Knives Out, which will soon be in cinemas.

As per the early reviews that have reached the internet, this upcoming movie of his is an interesting watch with the greatest talents of Hollywood. To be honest, Chris’ tweets about Rick and Morty are quite refreshing as the 38-year-old typically talks about serious issues such as his opinions on politics. Occasionally he does post photos of his dog, Dodger or does something nerdy on Twitter which is what followers live for.

Fans can’t stop commenting about what an adorable dad personality he is even though the lad doesn’t have any baby mama, let alone kids. One person wrote, “I can imagine Chris standing at his TV for a minute and forty-four seconds recording Rick and Morty he’s such a dad and it’s SENDING ME- this is why we stan.”

Another said, “the amount of dad in this tweet is…surreal. recording your tv, tweeting about the show…….god bless you sir.” What do you think? Is Chris going to give fans good news about being in Rick and Morty soon or is he just tweeting one of the things he’s passionate about?