Double chin?

Don’t worry. Start Chinning!

In the golden words of the famous witty dwarf named Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones: ‘Let me give you some advice bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you’. This is what this ordinary girl decided to teach the world by directly challenging the beauty standards.

Her name is Michelle. She’s a new Instagram hero.

Thanks to the flipping cameras the world got obsessed with selfies trend recently. All the fashionista’s of the world got glued to their phones to get the best shot of their sexy jawline selfie to impress the onlookers with their mesmerizing beauty. It was amazing for everyone except for the people with double chins. The makeup tutors took up the opportunity and starting blogging about the way in which the makeup base could be used to hide the double chin.

However, Michelle took pride in her double chin and her fame level soar. She became a celebrity in the world of imperfect beauty and everyone liked what she did. She coined the term ‘chinfie’ instead of ‘selfie’ and took the internet by storm.

The best part…

Michelle never stayed at single place to hide her double chin. She ‘chinned’ at Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Tiananmen Square, with North Korea’s Kim and even in a plane full of British Airways crew. Michelle Liu is indeed doing things differently.

Michelle Liu is 21 years of age and is from Boston. As a child she was fond of travelling and exploring places but used to get bully over her double chin. That was in fact the first thing that people noticed about her. Rather than falling prey to depression and molding herself to please the world she made up her mind to be strong and to chill out while chinning.

No one told her to do that.

It was entirely her invention. One day she woke up and decided that she is the polar opposite of the sexy on location selfie takers and that she is going to start her own trend. When Michelle stands before a beautiful landmark she tilts her head back and smiles wide to make an apparent double chin and clicks. She has no expense camera. She uses an Iphone.

She has chinned through the world and her life is full of adventures. Her stories are shared on her Instagram called ‘Chinventures‘, where she enjoys a good number of fan following. Michelle declares: “I would say in a way it was a personal reaction of wanting to be able to entertain my friends and make them laugh, but also a way for me to encourage not caring too much about how you look all the time’.

Michelle believes that instead of following the fashion to fit in everyone should embrace their unique set of silliness and live while they are alive; after all we all live only once, so there is no point losing the life we have over insecurities.

In a nutshell, she gives hope to all those of us who are always overthinking and stressing over the body features. People laugh at your crooked nose? Go make them laugh more. Are you short? …crack a joke about it. You have got small eyes…squeeze them more and take a picture. There is so much to life than falling prey to bullying and toxic jokes.

Take whatever life throws at you and make lemonade.

Don’t stress over the humanly defined beauty standards.

Laugh. Travel. Live.. Love.

Happy Chinning!