Following the announcements of their split, Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have had to deal with a lot of media attention. Of course, fans are concerned about why their favorite couple broke up. News outlets are covering various angles of their relationship trying to drive out the reason behind their breakup.

Sure, everyone knew it was bound to happen considering that the rumors of them parting ways had started circulating earlier this year. But that doesn’t make it any less painful for their admirers. Amid the questions, some UK publications are dragging Cheryl’s mum into this drama accusing her of being the ‘why’ behind their breakup.

Following such rumors, the 35-year-old British musician took to Twitter to open up on the matter. She defended her mum saying that she had nothing to do with her and the former 1D bandmate’s breakup. She tweeted, “I hate responding to stuff esp at such difficult times but i cannot sit here and listen to such nasty, false articles regarding my mam.”


The singer further added, “I don’t know why they involve her in stories about me. i can assure you she absolutely nothing to do with any of it. I am a grown woman who is capable of dealing with my own life. She is a soft and kind woman who doesn’t deserve to be dragged into something that has nothing whatsoever to do with her.”

A glimpse at the replies section shows that her following is not being supportive. People are responding with comments like “No one cares” and “Don’t put it on social media then.” The Call My Name songstress’s statement slams the reports of tabloids who have blamed Joan Callaghan, her mother, calling her a “part of the problem.”

According to Daily Mail, a source close to the couple said, “Although Liam initially got on with Cheryl’s mother, in the end he felt that her mum was too much in the way.” This is not the first time Callaghan has been accused of causing troubles between the former couple.