December 8, 2021

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Cheap thanks for this promo code for this new Flash Killer

This is not idle in Siomi. It has been a few weeks since the Chinese company launched the new 11D and 11D Pro to reaffirm the excellent quality-price ratio of its devices. Today, both these smartphones are already benefiting from the price reduction by the promo code.

Xiaomi 11D and 11D Pro. // Source: Siomi

It will not be even a month without Xiaomi coming to shake up the smartphone market. And if the manufacturer has already announced His next conferenceThe brand’s latest smartphones have left their mark. The Xiaomi 11 d And 11T Pro Medium-sized smartphones are tech paper with small onions and rubbing shoulders with a very premium and They are already spending a little less on this offer.

What to remember from Xiaomi 11D

  • Its 120 Hz AMOLED screen
  • Its large 5,000 mAh battery
  • Its powerful dimension is 1200 chip
  • Its main 108 megapixel sensor

Launched a few weeks ago at a price of 9 569, the Xiaomi 11T has a 128 + 8GB RAM version Now 549 euros Thanks for the promo code ” CR20 At the Raguden site, Bowlanger must be used via the vendor.

Benefit from the 20 euro discount by using the Pro version of the 11T Same code, And Goes from 699 euros to 679 euros.

Screenshot showing how to use the promo code before paying

Screenshot showing how to use promo code before payment // Source: Raguden

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, see below to find other offers related to Xiaomi 11T. The table will be updated automatically.

Almost a high-end smartphone

The Xiaomi 11 d Relying on the best features at the lowest price, without making too many compromises. Let’s start with the design, the latter takes the features Law Edition ProAnd it’s hard to distinguish between two smartphones. With a punched screen, with a 6.67-inch shape – we see an almost infinite look like the 11T Pro. Already very solid, the Chinese company offers an AMOLED panel that shows the full HD + definition at 2,400 x 1,080 pixels for infinite contrast, but with excellent brightness. We enjoy seeing the 120 Hz refresh rate for a fluid that is most appreciated in everyday life.

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As for the photo, again, the two smartphones are at the same wavelength. We own the three photo sensors: the 108 megapixel main lens, the 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle and the 5 megapixel “Telemacro”. Additionally, the selfie camera offers 16 megapixels. One would think that these sensors would benefit from the same performance provided Note 10 Pro. However, we can assume that the 11T offers excellent diversity and that its core sensor should be large enough to capture beautiful, well-detailed footage for most users.

A stable SoC and good autonomy

It is under the guise that there are differences. In fact, if you embed the Xiaomi 11D Pro powerful Snapdragon 888, Powered by 11T Dimension 1200 chip and 8GB RAM. But if this chip is probably a bit powerful, it offers good performance on a daily basis. You can play your favorite 3D games and use your apps or multitasking without any hassle. This model runs on the latest version of Android 11 Of the MIUI interface. Even the smartphone Accountant with 5G network.

Finally, another great asset of this phone is its large 5,000 mAh battery, which allows it to run for over a day without a problem – even when using 120 Hz mode. Although the 11T does not offer a high-speed charge, the Pro version is capable of recharging the smartphone to 100% in 17 minutes, while the classic model is still able to recharge quickly, at 67 W. Thanks to its full charge of 36 minutes – this is a good score for a battery of this size.

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Feel free to read on to learn more Product sheet for Xiaomi 11T.

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