Charlie Heaton and Natalie Dyer have been spotted together on a date.

Cameras caught them enjoying cocktails on the Amalfi Coast on Monday. The pair was in Italy for the promotional tour of Stranger Things season 3. There, they broke free form their work responsibilities to enjoy lunch together.

Natalie, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the show, was looked stunning as usual that also without putting in much effort. The 23-year-old actress paired a leopard vest top with ripped jeans shorts. Her brown tresses were side-parted and open in waves.

Her 25-year-old boyfriend had an arm draped around her shoulders, looking dapper as ever in a pale pink shirt and gold chain. Both the stars had their eyes shielded from the sun with sunshades.

These two lovebirds have been dating for quite a while now, but it’s not common of them to talk to much about their relationship. Rumors indicated that they were a couple back in 2016 when the first season of Stranger Things aired. However, it was not until the December of 2017 that they actually confirmed their love affair.

It’s clear though from the way Heaton and Dyer speak of one another that they enjoy being together. Both of them have mentioned how it is easy to “go home” with someone you work and talk about stuff.

In an interview with Refinery29, Natalie Dyer had said, “It’s an interesting thing to work with somebody who you go home with. It’s always really fun. We’re really comfortable with each other, so we can play and feel more free, and we can talk about it before.”

Fans love their chemistry both on and off screen. Let’s see what’s ahead in their lives and the lives of their characters. We don’t know about you, but we already cannot wait for Stranger Things season 4!