January 17, 2022

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CES 2022 – The first impression of QD-Oled technology is exciting

According to initial feedback, the QD-Oled panel produced by Samsung Display will reach a maximum brightness of about 1,500 cd / m² and cover up to 90% of the Rec. 2020. The expected revolution has arrived!

Samsung Display is involved in the production of Old and LCD panels, a subsidiary of the South Korean group, uses CES to deliver its popular QD-Oled panel “in real life”, and begins to publish the first concept. Our colleagues FlatPanelsHD We were able to see this new technology in action and, above all, gain important information about its technical characteristics. As we have already mentioned, QD-Oled panels use a framework with blue sub-pixels with green and red quantum dot converters for the other two primary colors. Samsung Display does not use white sub-pixels like LG Display. The QD-Oled panel displays more saturated colors.

The manufacturer thus declares a coverage of 90.3% Rec. 2020. This is higher than the 69 to 72% found on current Olet TVs equipped with LG display panels. During its presentation, Samsung Display measured brightness of over 1000 cd / m² on 10% HDR windows and 1500 cd / m² on 3% windows. This very high brightness helps to create a more powerful HDR image than conventional OLED TVs, especially on specular TVs. The black provided by QD-Oled is the equivalent, however you will have to wait until the first trials to see if the deepest black levels are properly managed. In addition, QD-Oled technology offers better viewing angles than Oled does. This is not a very impressive point, but the angles are slightly open.

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On paper, QD-Oled keeps all its promises, but it should not be forgotten that this is a technical proof and the systems used can greatly affect the measured values. In addition, many unknowns are concerned with the risks of sustainability, management or specification of operating compensation.

Samsung has begun production of the display 55-inch and 65-inch QD-Oled Ultra HD panels, currently only available on the Sony Bravia A95K, and the UWQHD panel for Samsung’s 34-inch 175Hz monitors and Dell is expected this year. .

We do not yet know the prices of the 55 and 65 inch QD-Oled TVs, but they are already expected to be higher than the “classic” Oled models. We’re talking about two to three times the price … the first QD-Oled TVs to be marketed in the second quarter of 2022, and we’re already eager to get them.