There’s always a lot of buzz surrounding something that someone discovers. Often, however, the buzz is short-lived or untrue on the whole. For instance, it may be nothing but rumored to be something great. Other times though, there could be something substantial such as in the case of celery.

Celery has some vital benefits to showcase for men. For example, it is responsible for encouraging the release of pheromones among men. At the same time, celery is good for men’s sexual health, making it an important ingredient. So, let’s get started with the celery benefits for men:

1. Celery promotes the release of pheromones among men

Pheromones play a “sub-conscious” role in attracting the opposite sex. It is often called as the sixth sense. However, it does not work on a sub-conscious level. Human pheromones are understood to pull off a chemical communication system. In simple words, when a man releases pheromones, a woman picks it up albeit unconsciously.

Basically, celery consists of a male hormone steroid known as androstenene. It is due to this compound that eating celery promotes the secretion of pheromones in men right away, particularly, a pheromone called as androstenol that women can detect.

2. Celery is known as natural Viagra

Research notes that celery consists of a natural composition that boosts optimum sexual health among males. It consists of magnesium, potassium, zinc, niacin, and vitamin E. All these foods are needed for good sex health.

Moreover, celery also consists of an amino acid called arginine, which expands blood vessels in the same way as Viagra is supposed to do so. Consequently, celery is termed to work and serve the same purpose as Viagra.

3. Celery assists in improving male fertility

Celery also has a bit of credit to itself when it comes to a low-quality or low sperm count. It is helpful owing to its antioxidant enriched content. This helps in the production of larger amounts of sperm and seminal fluid. What’s more, it also ensures that the sperms are of a high quality.

Consequently, celery aids in boosting fertility by encouraging higher quality sperm and improved ejaculation.

4. Celery aids in getting stronger erections

Celery exhibits a high content of natural nitrates. These help reach stronger erections. The fact of the matter is that nitric oxide helps to enlarge and strengthen blood vessels. This, in turn, encourages a better flow of the blood.

As more blood reaches the organs including the male genital, more oxygen reaches the organs. Consequently, you can reap benefits such as improved energy levels, stronger erections, and a better mating life.

5. Helps the body rebuild after exercise

Celery is also beneficial for men when it comes to their exercise and workout schedule. Exercise strips away the body’s levels of magnesium and potassium. Not to mention, it dehydrates the body.

On the flip side, celery has a high water content. It is also loaded with a broad array of vital nutrients and minerals. Consequently, exercise is helpful in replenishing magnesium and potassium. Thus, munching on a celery bar after exercise is akin to reaping the same benefits as eating an energy bar.

6. Aids in the production of testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a crucial role in several functions such as fat distribution, regulation of red blood cells (RBCs), and fertility among other things. Testosterone is produced by the Leydig cells.

However, these cells can’t produce sufficient testosterone in the presence of thromboxane-A2 receptors. These are protein receptors that block testosterone production. As a general rule of thumb, low testosterone levels equate with difficulty in reproduction and infertility.

However, apigenin, a flavonoid found in fruits, herbs, spices, and more helps in the production of testosterone as it acts as the thromboxane-A2 receptors and keeps their blocking action at bay when it comes to testosterone production. Luckily, celery is also rich in this flavonoid. This helps in the production of testosterone and fertility.